October Report

Kindle Publishing Business Report

Alright! Time for sharing my results for October. I must say that Kindle Publishing Business has really suprised me and blows my mind. The results is awesome. After joining the Self Publishing Revolution I’ve leverage my passive income and increased it rapidly. Look at my screenshot below.


Take at look at the other months screenshot here (scroll down to the bottom).

As you can see from the screenshot I’ve earned more than $500 USD and if you add the Kindle ebooks royalties too, it would be a little over $700 USD. This business is powerful guys if you know what to do. I recommend you to take a look at my comparison between K Money Mastery VS Self Publishing Revolution for more details. (Click Here)

Wealthy Affiliate Report

My blog with Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp is still in progress and need time to be an authority in Google. I’ve taken massive action and working on my content creation for this site and improving the site look.

I can definitely see that Wealthy Affiliate and Kindle Publishing complement each other great. I’m not expecting earning some income from the blog any time soon, it will take some time and need to work for it. But I’m confident that the site will succeed eventually.

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