K Money Mastery (KMM) VS Self Publish Revolution Comparison

I started with affiliate marketing in 2015 with the program Wealty Affiliate UniversityIn 2016 I started my second business Kindle Publishing Business (which is a good complement to my blog) as a trial. I was lucky to come across K Money Mastery and purchased the product in January. Went through the whole course and applied what I’d learned. After 4-5 months I saw the consistency with my passive income, over $100 USD a month! Happy with the results and see that you can earn money by publishing books without writing them myself.

Then I took a step further and purchased the upsell of KMM – Full Disclosure Membership with Master Mind Facebook Group. With the upgrading I get access to advance lessons and strategies. Although the course gives a lot of values to me, I just felt that I was missing something.

K Money Mastery

I researched for more information on Google and YouTube. I found great free information by Dave Koziel. Then I stumble on Luca De Stefani’s youtube videos, at first I was skeptical to Luca. I thought he was one of those “Gurus“, but some of his students are also in the KMM – Full Disclosure Master Mind Facebook Group. I reached out to them and asked for more info of Luca’s course: Self Publishing Revolution. Nothing negative about the course, so I decided to give it a shot (purchased in August). It turns out to be a GREAT DECISION! Luca’s course covered the missing pieces that I need to know. I see great result after I’ve applied what I’ve learned.

self publishing revolution

Now I’ve went through two great courses and they gave me tremendous value. I’ve experienced these two courses by first hand and will now give my honest comparison. In the end of this page I’ll reveal my most preferred course and why. You can also see my royalty results each month in the bottom of this page as proof.

K Money Mastery VS Self Publishing Revolution


How The Courses Is Laid Out

Both courses is laid out with an easy step-by-step video training and additional pdf documents for strategies. To get access to the course materials, you’ve to log in to the courses websites. This is practical and easy to get access anywhere if you have a computer/laptop and internet connection. To ensure that the training is up to date, new video training updates will be added with no additional cost for you in both courses.

Values provided from both courses is great, but one seems to be more suitable for me.



Keyword And Niche Research

In order to have success with your books, you’ve to properly research the keyword and the niche that is in demand. If you fail to find a profitable keyword or niche, your book will not sell and you’re wasting your time and money. So this part is crucial, make sure to spend time on the research.

K Money Mastery (KMM) – Provides detailed videos how to find keyword and niche. 

Self Publishing Revolution (SPR)– Have just only two video training on how to find profitable keyword and niche. No talking around the bush. Luca goes straight to the points.

Search Engine Optimization


How To Create A Good Book Title

KMM – Give you the insight of how important the title would be for your conversion. Stefan advices you how to create a good title that sells. Very good insight and explanation on how to do this.

SPR – Advice you what to add to your title, and that you don’t have to think about the subtitle. Luca explain it well.


How To Create A Book Cover

KMM – Shows you where to hired a designer on Fiverr.comHe also tell you what a good cover should look like.

SPR – Shows you the comparison between several covers, the good and the bad. He also advice you to outsource the cover creation for cheap on Fiverr.com



How To Create The Content

KMM – Stefan inform you to write the books yourself or outsource the content and how to create a quality content on both method.

SPR – Luca points out that he don’t want to waste any time of writing the books himself. He recommend you to outsource the content and gives you the reason that it is the best way to scale your business faster.


How To Promote Your Book

KMM – Teaches you how to promote your book outside Amazon during the free promotion with KDP Select, so that your book will have a boost in sales when it’s back to the paid store. You’ll learn how to submit your book for free to submission websites, this can also be done with paid submissions. Paid submission guarantees your promotion, free submission don’t. Then you’ll learn how to promote your book to the social medias – Facebook and Twitter. The promotion training is good explained.

SPR – Luca don’t believe in the promotion outside Amazon. He meant that if you’ve the book on Amazon, you should concentrate on just Amazon. His method don’t require any website submissions or the social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc… and in his opinion it’s a waste of time and money.



Building The List

KMM – Need to upgrade your membership (Full Disclosure Membership) to get access to the advance lessons. Here you can find his training on how to e-mail marketing – setting up a list with a mail autoresponder, landing pages etc.

SPR – Pretty much the same, but no upgrade if you have purchased the one time payment. He also referring you to an external course that he use himself.


Print Version (Paperback) On CreateSpace

KMM – Can only, get access to the training videos, if you’re a Full Disclosure member

SPR – Luca show you the entire process with CreateSpace (no upgrade).


Audible Book On ACX

KMM – Only to Full Disclosure members.

SPR – Guiding you how to set up your audible book for free by splitting the royalties with the narrator, absolutely no cost for you.


Price Comparison


  • Starter Course One time payment: $67 USD
  • Full Disclosure Membership with Master Mind Facebook Group, monthly fee: $67 USD


  • One time payment, life time access, updates for free and Master Mind Facebook Group: $299 USD
  • Monthly fee with same access to the life time option: $47 (one year cost: $47 USD * 12 months = $564 USD. It’s a no brainer that you should choose the one time payment)


If you compare the price above between KMM and SPR, you’ll see that SPR is offering the best price. For $299 you get all including lessons and strategies for life time.

I sign up for KMM FDM in April and have paid $67 USD montly fees for 7 months. My total cost is  $469 USD ( $67 USD * 7 months). You can see that’s more expensive than Luca’s course. I still pay for the KMM FDM, but consider to cancel it soon.


Why Facebook Group Is Important

The facebook group is where you can ask for help, support, share ideas and experiences. FB group is where you turn to when you struggle or just need help, and it’s the fastest way to get answered for your questions by the founder or experienced students. All in all facbook group is a must have.

KMM – Must upgrade to FDM in order to get access to the FB group. $67 USD monthly is expensive in my opinion.

SPR – No upgrade. The FB group is included to the price. If you choose the monthly fee you’ve to pay $47 USD each month and also get the access to the FB group. You’ll save $20 USD if you decide to purchase the SPR monthly fee instead of the KMM FDM monthly $67 USD. I strongly advice you to choose the Lifte Time option of SPR, because you’ll save a lot of money.



My Personal Evaluation Of K Money Mastery And Self Publishing Revolution

After been through both courses I can now give you my honest evaluation of KMM and SPR. I can tell you that both courses provides a lot of values and everyone can benefit from the these two courses.

K Money Mastery – Stefan Pylarinos has made a great product and the video lessons is easy to follow step-by-step. This course will provide you everything you need to start with a Self Publishing Business. I started with no clue and now I’ve learned a lot, which helped me to build my own KDP Business. Stefan’s knowledge in this business is huge and valuable. I will in this occasion give a BIG THANK YOU for all the help and what I’ve learned from you, Stefan.

The one time payment starter course is laid out very easy to follow. After completed the starter course, I need to step up my game and decided to take advances of the Full Disclosure Membership. Access to the advance lessons after I purchased FDM was as expected, Stefan reveals his advance methods to help your business to the next level. Although it’s a lot of good information in the advance lessons, I think it’s too unorganized. You have to read through and pick a lesson that you want to learn. I just wish that the lessons was laid out like the starter course where you could follow his exactly footsteps and applying what you have learned to you own business.


All in all Stefan has created a course that is easy to follow and suits for every individual with different skill levels in this business. He urges you to work on the business and not in the business, which means that you should outsource almost every tasks and be the one who delegates the assignments to the right resource. If you can do that, you’re building an auto running business, then you will have more time to do whatever you want. 

Self Publishing Revolution – Luca De Stefani has also created a great product with easy step-by-step video training. You’ll tell that he’s not going around the bush, but straight to the points. Values that is provided in this course is priceless and suits to everyone. After I took Luca’s course I’ve seen great results, he has learned me how to earn more money with his method. 

All you have to do in the Self Publishing Revolution course is to do exactly what Luca has told you to do and you’ll earn more money and faster. If I had selected Luca’s course first in the beginning, I’m sure that my results would be achieved much faster than the KMM course (with all respect to Stefan). Like I said if you do things correct and followed Luca’s instructions you will see great results fast. What I’m really like about this course is his marketing method that require NO websites submissions or social media. Submission to websites and promoting to social media is boring and time consuming, it really takes a lot of time. Luca’s method is brilliant and easy to perform. He also urges you to outsource the tasks in order to scale up your business much quicker.


When you buy Luca’s course you’ve access to everything. You’ll not only learn about Kindle, but also CreateSpace, ACX and advance strategies. You’ll really benefit the price strategies for Kindle, CreateSpace and ACX, which allows you to earn more money. The SPR Facebook Group is also one of the best out there. Really engaging members and Luca himself answer you when you ask him. I can assure you that, every penny I’ve spent on this course is totally worth it.


My Verdict

Both courses is great for beginners and advanced Kindle Publishers. If I had to choose between Stefan’s K Money Mastery or Luca’s Self Publishing Revolution based on my own experience. I would not hesitate to choose Luca’s course with the knowledge that I have now.

My reasons:

  • Not a long course, but covers everything you need to know about Kindle Publishing Business
  • Straight to the points, simply implementing what Luca has learned you and you’ll succeed
  • Book promotion without the hassle of submitting to websites and posting on social media
  • Engaging, supporting and active Facebook members, which share their thoughts and strategies
  • One time payment for life time access to every video training and advance lessons + updates for free

Luca De Stefani


Why I won’t choose KMM:

  • After upgrading to Full Disclosure Membership, you’ll find tons of advance lessons and you really have to decide yourself what you will learn. The advance lessons may be overwelming for beginners and it will take time to go through all of it. The downside is the recurring payment of $67 USD each month.
  • Tons of great information for those who want to study. I just want to know what to do and just follow the footsteps to success.
  • Great information about promoting to submission websites and social media. Stefan also provide you the list of websites for submission and names of groups for Facebook and Twitter. I don’t like to promote my books to submission websites and social media, because it takes a lot of time and no fun at all. I want to work smarter not harder.
  • Facebook group is great, but can’t accessing it if you don’t have the upgrade to FDM. Paying $67 USD monthly for a Facebook group is too much in my opinion.
  • Must upgrade your membership to get access to advance lessons and Facebook group

Stefan Pylarinos

Self Publishing Revolution is the best option and what I will recommend you to start with. You can of course take both courses and make your own opinion on which one you like to continue with. If you don’t want to waste any time or money and want to see results fast, Self Publishing Revolution is my recommendation. Keep reading and I’ll show you my results and see if you’re convinced by my preferred course. Get Luca’s course by clicking on the image below or scroll down and see my income proofs of Kindle Publishing:

Number One


My Income Results

Purchase proof of KMM starter course and the upgrade to Full Discloser Membership.

You can see below that I started my Kindle Publishing Business in January 2016:


I upgraded to  the Full Disclosure Membership in April:


For now I will only share the royalties for CreateSpace. This is because my biggest income is from CreateSpace.

My royalties for April, not much but remember I published my first 2 books in February:


Royalties for May, added more books and things is looking good (the report only show books that sells):


June, more books added:


July, I was on vacation for 3 weeks and the business is running for itself:


August, I purchased Luca’s Self Publishing Revolution and implemented his method:




September, known as a slow month but still great results with Luca’s price strategies:


October is not over and the price strategy is working:


I’m really excited about the results and I can’t wait for next month royalties. If you have noticed that since I’ve applied Luca’s method, my earnings is increasing. I do not wasting any time or guessing what to do, I simply follows Luca’s exact instructions. My royalties is now over $500+ USD if you count with the kindle e-book sales and audio book on ACX. Feeling proud and happy!

Thinking back of my Kindle journey, I must admit that I was lucky to only have to go through 2 courses, and not many empty promises courses out there. Please always research your interested course properly, before you buy them.

This has been a long read, but I hope it’s valuable to you. If you’re deciding to start your own Kindle Publishing Business and don’t want to waste time or money. I’ll highly recommend you to take Luca’s course Self Publishing Revolution.

Click on the option links below to sign up Luca’s course:

  1. One time payment, Life Time Access $299 USD
  2. Monthly fee, $47 USD

Please leave a comment, I would love to answer your thought and questions. And share this page to everyone you think that is going to benefit from it, thank you.

8 thoughts on “K Money Mastery (KMM) VS Self Publish Revolution Comparison”

  1. Hi Nam. The information you provide on both KMM and Self-Publishing Revolution is great and very informative. I was looking for a review on KMM and came across your post.

    Firstly I wanted to know if it was Legit and secondly is it worth it. You answered both my questions.
    I love the comparison you make between the 2 options. I did not know about Self-Publishing Revolution, but according to your review is seems like the better option.

    I am going to give it a try and see where it takes me 🙂

    Thanks again for saving me a ton of time trying to find a good review and also giving me an even better option.



    1. Hi Rika,

      Your comment makes my day! This is what’s all about. The website is serving it’s purpose. I’m glad you visit my site and find it useful.

      To your success,


    1. Hi Wendy,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad to provide value through my content on this site and help people to grow their business.

      To your success,


  2. These sound like great programs to be involved in but I do prefer an organised step by step course, so I’m slightly put off by FDM is it sounds a bit unorganised.
    I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate and what I like about their course is it’s very structured, up to date and follows simple strategies that you implement into your own website what’s shown through the training course pertaining to your chosen niche.
    The keywords for book titles sounds very similar to the Keyword structure we choose for our web post titles, choosing high traffic keywords with low competition from other websites using the same keywords for their titles. I find a keyword tool one of the most powerful pieces of the jigsaw.
    Thanks for the insight into these programs,

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best Affiliate Marketing program on the internet without doubt. I started this website to share my own experience to others who’s looking for legitimately programs to start their own online business. I only recommend tools that I personally use myself and people who I trust.

      There are many ways to earn money online and it’s important that we can diversify our incomes and not rely on one income stream, but multible income streams. To me it’s important to have multiple income streams, because that way I know I’ll not suffer if one of my income streams is not longer applicable. This is something to think about and I hope my answer will help readers on this site.

      Both KMM and SPR is great programs and I’ll highly recommend Self Publishing Revolution to those who’s serious about this business model.

      To your success,


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