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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016 – My Honest Personal Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliatekyleandcarson
Price: Free Starter Membership, NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED, $0 USD to start (Click Here To Start)
Price2: Premium Membership, $49 USD monthly OR $359 USD yearly (Join Here)
Owners: Kyle & Carson (Image on the left –>)
Overall Rate: 4/5
Construct For: Novis –> Expert


What Is Wealthy Affiliate About?

wa_super_affiliate_250x250Wealthy Affiliate is an ALL-IN-ONE platform where you can learn and excercise your skills to build a long term online business (in ANY niche). In this platform you’ll not only learn how to build an online business, you’ll get tons of informations, training and class rooms to leverage your business even further. In fact your learning never ends, because time changes and WA adapt to these changes and always be on top of the newest and hottest. There are many who’s very successful in this community and are willing to help you to succeed. Beside from the ordinary training program, WA members create their own training to help others in the specific field they’re on and share their findings.

It’s not every day that you can interact with online millionairs. If you want to succeed you have to learn from those who are successful and been on the road before. Yes, many ordinary people and experienced WA members have succeeded and leverage their online business by benefiting WA’s guidelines. So it’s no matter if you don’t have experience, WA will guide you through the whole process with an in depth program. The program has the focus on the Affiliate Marketing and is one of the best program out there, if not the best. Don’t believe me? Just, try and search for Wealthy Affiliate on a search engine ie Google, I’ll bet you’ll find tons of good reviews on WA and not many negative reviews.

Lastly, I’ll warn you if you decide to join WA. This is not a get rich fast scheme program, if that is what you’re looking for, you can close this site and look for other places. WA is all about how to build a successful online business and it require hard work and dedication.


Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Did you search for how to build an online business or any thing related to it?easely-sample-wa-oep1_1336759932_cropped Do you want to learn how to and actually building your own successful online business? Have you found a place that offer you what it has promise? If your answer is YES to the two first questions then you’re on the right place. And if your answer is NO to the last question… then you can stop looking and lurking around, Wealthy Affiliate provides you all you need to know to get started with your online business and to earn passive income. You’ll not guessing how to do this online business anymore. You’ll have a place where you can learn, execute and developing your business from scratch today. You have to decide and take action right now, don’t delay it, but start TODAY. The time that you’re spending, researching, wondering where to start and guessing how to do it is over. I tell you why.

I have been where you’re at and I can relate to your frustration of trying different product after another with empty promises. The one and only product that provide all you need is right here at Wealthy Affiliate. I went through this course and come out knowing how to succeed with my online business. I started my online business in 2015 and I remember I earned my first $3.66 USD by promoting baby clothes as an affiliate for Amazon. That was the day it really opened my eyes and see this opportunity clearly and how much potentiall it could be. Since then I haven’t  look back, I know what works and what not. 

To prove this to you, I have created this website and I’ll documenting my progress and monthly results. This site was created on October 5. 2016. In here I’ll share with you everything and I really hope you’ll join Wealthy Affiliate and build your own success too. Of course this program is not for everyone, because people fail to go through it and not have the right mindset. Their excuses is – it’s too hard, I don’t have time and so on. If you want to succeed you have to put in the hard work, the success you’ll have is how much work you put in to it. Making any sense? I ask you to clear your mind and start with to set your mindset. Your mindset is important, because it’s where everything starts and it will end with your mind. 

So are you in it to win it? (join NOW)

The benefits when you join:

  • Fully explained training lessons which is easy to follow
  • You’ll get step-by-step video training, Classroom and Tutorial training and great Courses
  • An awesome Community – Helping, supporting, very active and many individual with great success who’s willing to help
  • With the starter member you get 2 FREE website to build
  • Live Support
  • Fast and Secure Hosting
  • You get access to WA’s Experts and Millionairs
  • NO SPAM Tolerated Enviroment
  • And much much MORE

askforhelpThe community is one of the best. To demonstrate it I’ll put a link below and show you how helpful people are in this great community. Let say that you’re stuck and need help. You could simply ask a question and people will answer and help you out. I have asked for help regarding how to put YouTube videos to my page/post, click on the link below to see the answers that I got:

Click Here To See The Answers

I created the question on October 29, 2016.

The downside with Wealthy Affiliate:

  • After you’ve created your free account. You’ll mstarthereight be overwhelmed by the load of information on the site. But don’t worry, I
    advice you to start with the training lessons right away. You’ll find the training lessons on the left menu as showed on the picture (on the right). Don’t be distracted by the other things, you’ll get the hang of it soon. Stick to the training and that is where your focus should be.
  • The community is very active and you might spending more time there than you should. Again don’t let this distract you, focus on your training and building your business.
  • Some countries is not allowed to join the free membership, those countries are:
    • Vietnam
    • Pakistan
    • India
    • Nigeria
    • And others
  • If your are located in one of those countries you can’t join the free membership, the reason is that some countries is in the list of high fraud statistic. You can still join Wealthy Affiliate by signing up for the Premium membership (the paid option).

I haven’t come across a program like Wealthy Affiliate before and certaintly not get access to it for FREE. What are you waiting for? There’s NO RISK for you, it’s totally FREE. Join for free NOW and start building your online success! The only thing you have to do is to sign up and try it out, if you’re not happy – you can cancel it anytime you want. Don’t hesitate, regret and say: I should have jump to this before. A lot of people sign up for the free starter membership and most of them stick around, because WA really open their eyes and the value provided is irreplaceable. What do you have to lose? Remember it’s FREE to try it! I really hope to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate!


Wealthy Affiliate Fits For All

Even you’re a newbie or an experinced marketers and entrepreneurs, you’ll benefit from Wealthy Affiliate guidelines. What I intend to say is: WA fits for EVERYBODY.  No further explaination needed…


Quick Overview Of Wealthy Affiliate

You’re still reading? You’re still not convinced even it’s for FREE to try? I get it, I was in that position too. You need to do a properly research and make your decision. So let take a look what you will be provided inside Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership. Take a look at the image below and see how it looks like inside Wealthy Affiliate.


Training And Tools

The training is covered in details how to build a long term online business. This is a step-by-step program that will turn your hobby or passion to an business online and monetize it. The levels of the training suits for every skill levels, from novis to expert. 

Here is what you’ll learn from the starter membership course:


How the course is set up:

Wealthy Affiliate Course 1

Member reviews:



The success of the WA member posts:







I can post this all day, but I think you get the point. Many of the members are ordinary people who build their own successful online business by benefiting the Wealthy Affiliate guidelines. Will you be the next successful member? Join here for FREE…


How About Promoting Wealthy Affiliate And Earn Commission

If you can’t decide which business or niche you want to start with. No worries! Wealthy Affiliate got you covered. You can take the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp.


The Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp will provide you all you need to properly promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn commissions. The commissions is one of the best out there. On top of that if you can refers 300 new people to Wealthy Affiliate within a year. You will get an invitation to Las Vegas conference. In Las Vegas you’ll have the chance to meet other WA members, the founders themselves and to enjoy shows, food and a 5-Star suit all covered!!! The best part is that you can do this yearly!


Sounds good? Don’t waste anymore of your valuable time =>CLICK HERE TO GET ROLLING<=

All in all Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp is a walk through training, just follow the exact footsteps that is layed out and you can’t fail.


Tell Me More About The Price

I think you by now knows that the Starter Membership is for FREE, but I’ll list out the two options for you:

WA Starter Membership, $0 USD (Click Here To Start)
WA Premium Membership, $49 USD monthly OR $359 USD yearly (Join Here)

How many programs or courses out there can you create an account and try it for free? Not many and not as this caliber. More than 600,000+ people is WA member, that says a lot of the programs popularity and gives you the credibility to join without any motives to scam you. My #1 recommending is to join Wealthy Affiliate for free and test drive it before you want to go further to Premium.

When you join the Premium Membership you’ll get access to a whole lot more and it won’t disappoint you. Access to ALL-IN-ONE platform. Be equipped with tools and training to succeed online with Affiliate Marketing.




=>Click Here To Sign Up For Free<=



My Personal Verdict Of Wealthy Affiliate

Phew! You made it to the end. This has been a long review of Wealthy Affiliate. I really hopes that I covered what you want to know, but if you still have some questions, please leave them below. I’ll be happy to answer your thoughts and questions.

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Link To Website:
Kyle & Carson
My Rate: 
Honest Reviews By WA Members: READ THE REVIEWS HERE

Final Verdict: 100% LEGIT!!!

Start your journey TODAY for absolutely FREE!!! And I’ll see you on the other side…


=>Click Here To Sign Up For Free<=


Bonus Waiting For You When Sign Up For A Free Account

Listen it’s very easy for me to recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I bet you’ll not find a more comprehensive course any near this quality online!

There are no programs or courses out there who offer such a high quality course that guide you through a proven step by step system to build your own successful online business from scratch in any niche. Wealthy Affiliate teaches everyone with different skill levels. Yes, you can be a totally newbie to an experienced affiliete marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate Bonus

You can take a look around this website and see my monthly reports. I sharing my incomes and experience. I hope it will open your eyes to this opportunity and take action today!

To make your decision easier I’ll tell you how to get the BONUSES when you’ve created a FREE account. Here is some of the bonuses below:

1. Access to my personal profile
2. Affiliate commissions, 100% higher
3. Expert help
4. Much more….

Want to know how to claim the bonuses? Create your free account, click on the link below:

=>Click Here To Sign Up For Free<=

22 thoughts on “My #1 Recommended Program”

  1. Hey Nam,I just read your article and I must say that I am pretty impressed with the way you layed it out.I to am a member at wa for about 1 1/2 weeks.Your article has encouraged me to keep pushing.Thx

  2. Hi Nam,

    I love your structure here! It’s nicely layed out and very detailed! I have been with WA for a few weeks now and there is no place that I would rather be! It is truly an opportunity that you cannot pass up and if you do… well then you are simply missing out on what could be a life changing opportunity! Great job so far, I wish you the best!


  3. Hi Nam,
    I too am a member with Wealthy Affiliate and really enjoying my role with them.
    They have such a simple approach to teaching that suits newbies like myself down to the ground.
    Their help and support is essential and is provided in bucket loads. I have used their live chat box for instant help and written a more detailed question to the whole community. I’m always amazed how much help I receive.
    Good luck with your role here,

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your comment and taking time to read my review! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be!

      Good luck to you too.

      All the best,


  4. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I must say that I have been impressed from the very day I became a member. The training, tools, and support that is provided is second to none. The competitors don’t even come close.

  5. Your review has a very positive and most of all an honest vibe about it. I love your practical examples and sincerity. Definitely a worthwhile opportunity!

  6. Very thorough review, i just recently joined WA and i learned a lot just by reading your review. It was also good to know how you made your first few dollars and how long it took.

    1. Hi Troy,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad that you took the right step into WA University.

      I wish you all the best and much success,


  7. Awesome job, Nam. You certainly did some ‘homework’. I love your presentation. The images are great and wow…I love your packaging. I have to agree with you 100% as well. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a one stop shop for internet learning. I am on my way and I am so happy with my decision to become a member of such an awesome organization.
    Good luck on your journey!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your comment! If I can help people with my site then the site is serving it’s purpose.

      All the best wishes to you and to your success,


  8. Fantastic review outlining all the features and perks of being a WA member. Had I been a WA member myself, you would have definitely convinced me to join!

  9. As a WA member myself, I can vouch for what it is written here.

    You guys will not regret joining this program. It’s the best place to learn how to create an online business.

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