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Overall Ranking: 3/5 stars
Price: $67 for a regular member with many other add-ons
Owners: Double Dot Media Limited


Salehoo is a comprehensive directory of wholesalers, drop-shippers, manufacturers, and liquidators, not the supplier of products to the intermediate and end consumers. While the company has its headquarters in New Zealand, many of its suppliers are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, and Australia. To date, the website has more than 8,000 participants on the supply end. 

Salehoo is basically a tool used by online resellers in searching for and comparing suppliers and their products before purchases are made. Online resellers can use the search function in finding the products, brands, and categories of their choice, which make Salehoo eBay’s wholesale equivalent. 

Here’s how it works: When you have found the right suppliers for your desired products, you can use the user-friendly Salehoo interface to communicate with them. You will also directly buy the products from them, not from the Salehoo itself. 


Salehoo provides buyer and sellers with these benefits:

  • The supplier database is among the largest in the Internet. You can choose from nearly 75 product categories including electronics, clothes and shoes, furniture and furnishings, and books and entertainment. You can also check the reliability of the suppliers by reading the reviews and ratings made by buyers.
  • The suppliers have been screened by the Salehoo staff. You have the assurance that the suppliers are reliable especially in terms of the stated quality and delivery times of their products. You can also read the reviews for this purpose.
  • The directory is regularly updated. You will likely see new suppliers on the directory while inactive ones are removed (i.e., no dead links). You can order products from several countries and have them delivered to several countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Your orders can even be in single units but at wholesale prices since many suppliers have no minimum ordering requirements.

Salehoo is also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2005. Buyers also have the 60-day money back guarantee for their protection.

But there are also a few undesirable aspects about dealing in Salehoo including:

  • The database isn’t as large as World Wide Brands although the membership cost for the latter – at $497 per year – is substantially higher. You may want to buy on wholesale basis exotic items from certain suppliers but you’re not provided with the choices.
  • The basic tutorials are satisfactory for beginners. You may soon discover, however, that you want to learn more about the cost-efficient and results-effective methods to build your business.
  • The supplier network will reveal several suppliers with expensive wholesale prices. You will be unable to make a good profit from these suppliers, especially when you have plans of reselling on eBay. This isn’t a major issue since this is also true for similar directories.

If you’re looking for a directory of suppliers and products, then Salehoo merits a closer look. 


Salehoo is suitable for:

  • Beginners in online buy-and-sell transactions who have little to no idea about the process including finding suppliers and their products.
  • Intermediate and expert customers with various needs in the online buy-and-sell business. These needs can include finding legitimate sellers after being scammed and seeking information about the saleable items from legitimate sellers.

Everybody is welcome to explore Salehoo, which has its ups and downs including the presence of a few scammers here and there. The scammers can also be the buyers. 


The effective and efficient use of Salehoo requires basic training, which can be accessed via the website itself. You can access educational materials including free articles, software tools, and members-only training guides. You should, in fact, go to the Salehoo education section to learn the basics of the wholesale and drop-shipping businesses.

Salehoo also offers the Advanced eBay Training: Trading Assistant program, which are links to the website’s preferred software tools for use in eBay including Alert and Auction Inspector. Be sure to take advantage of these programs for detailed information about conducting automated eBay searches, among others. 


Salehoo provides quality support on two fronts. First, the customer support services provide a wide range of services including supplier, product and keyword research. Second, the forum for members can be a source of reliable information especially for new members, while old members can give tips, insights and opinions.


Full access to the Salehoo directory costs just $67 per year. You can also avail of the add-ons and upgrades including:

  • Online Store Builder, a turn-key software for setting up your online shopping site for $27-plus per month
  • Online Selling Topics, a blueprint and tutorial course for online selling for a $247 one-time fee

You don’t have to buy either of these add-ons since the free training programs are satisfactory, too. 


Becoming a member of Salehoo provides several benefits for wholesalers and drop shippers. You can reduce, if not eliminate, the risks of being scammed by suppliers – truly, a big relief for many online entrepreneurs. 

But not everybody can be satisfied in the buy-and-sell business because of the challenges involved. In this case, we suggest looking into the benefits of affiliate marketing, a performance-based method of earning money online.

In a nutshell, you will be rewarded with commissions each time a visitor to your website clicks on a link and/or buy the products from the main supplier. You will enjoy several benefits including:

  • No building of a network of suppliers and downlines. You just have to promote the products and services on your website, using online and offline methods, and earn a commission with every click or purchase.
  • No limit in your choice of products and services for promotion on your website. You can feature as many products and services as you want.
  • No reliance on others for your income. Your income will largely depend on your persuasive powers, as well as your savvy techniques in affiliate marketing.
  • You don’t have to rely on the efforts of others to increase your income. Your savvy marketing methods coupled with your drive and determination are the main determinants of your success. You will likely be provided by the companies with support, such as marketing materials, but your reliance on the success of others will be a thing of the past.

Plus, you don’t have to deal with the customers since the suppliers will do the job.

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