Profit Clicking Review

Overall Ranking: 3/5
Price: Starting at $10
Owners: Frederick Mann

What is ProfitClicking?

Profit Clicking is an online business that claims to help you earn money just by clicking on advertisements on the internet. The business has two flagship programs, namely The Profit Clicking Traffic Exchange and Automatic Income Rotator.

To become an affiliate of Profit Clicking, you will first have to purchase so called “advertising credits” which will generate income automatically. The more credits you purchase, the more money you earn from it by acquiring a number of positions. You can also earn commission if you participate in their auto-rotation program, in addition to your daily income just by clicking.

Since this is an online business, you do not have to get out of your house to earn money. All you have to do is invest in a money generating package starting at $10 and watch as you make money on autopilot. You can use this online business program as a source of extra income, or your sole source of income while working from home. It all depends on how many packages you choose to purchase as investment.

Profit Clicking continues to operate and promises long term financial and business security to its members, while other online business programs shut down. It shows in their statistics how much money they have helped their members make.

The program was designed by Frederick Mann, who wanted to create a system “where people could be financially free.” He started Profit Clicking because he aimed to help people become more competent in life and in business.

Profit Clicking has recently restructured its operations and divided the program into departments: Marketing, Security & Support, Product Development, Creative Development, and IT & Programming. Each department also has small divisions that focus on different tasks so that they are done well in a short amount of time.

As of January 2012, Profit Clicking has over one hundred employees and one million members.

What you have to do

To begin with Profit Clicking, you will have to sign up for an account, for free, and buy an Ad Package. Depending on the number of Ad Packages you buy will determine your credit and commission, together with other money generation packages that the program offers. The more Ad Packages that you purchase, the more money you make.

A single Ad Package starts at $10, and you can earn from it by getting a minimum of 1000 views on your website.


  • You can join for just a small amount of $10, and a minimum of 1000 views to your page.
  • The more Ad Packages you buy, the more you are going to get in commission.
  • They have member support available 24/7.
  • You can speak with the owner, Frederick Mann, directly through their phone conferences. Any question you have about the business will be answered by him.
  • They hold training sessions several times a week to help you become more efficient and more productive in business and online marketing.
  • They actively help their members achieve their full potential.


  • You will have to pay to be a member.
  • You will have to pay first before confirming that the business is legitimate.
  • They do not provide a contact number, which you are only going to be able to access after you have paid them.

Who it is for

Profit Clicking is an online business program perfect for those people who want to earn an extra income on the side while still working day jobs, or those who are planning to work from home and have not decided which field to get into yet. It is an easy and awesome way to earn money without doing much. You just need to have an internet connection, a working phone number, and open-mindedness for training.

Training/Tools Overview

Profit Clicking provides marketing training held several times a week for social media marketing, offline marketing, traffic exchanges, email marketing, and others. Members can check the schedule of these training sessions in their back office.

The creator, Freferick Mann, designed two training tools for Profit Clicking. These are “Upgrade Your Brain” and “Success Breakthrough”, which will both give you an in-depth understanding of humans and the way their minds operate. These training tools are a must if you want to increase your efficiency and productivity for success in business.


Profit Clicking has daily conference room available 24/7 presided by professional moderators and members. Through a link in their back office, this conference room is easily available to members if they need help and assistance, and answers to any questions regarding the business and how it works. They can also strategize to maximize their Profit Clicking income in this conference room.

Members can also speak with Frederick Mann, the owner, directly through conference calls every Thursday night. You can ask all kinds of questions regarding the business and his passion.


Ad Packages are available at the starting price of $10.

The Verdict

Profit Clicking is good for those who want to earn money from home. The training sessions and tools that they provide can also be helpful in the long run, especially for those who are planning to venture into business and internet marketing. They seem to really want to help their members succeed considering they hold several training session every week, and the owner, Frederick Mann, makes himself available to members every Thursday night to answer questions and give business advice. What’s also nice about Profit Clicking is you do not have to sell your friends or family members products for you to earn money, which, if we are being honest here, sometimes ruins our personal relationships. The program also promises long term financial security, but you can’t really check their authenticity until after you have paid the $10 fee for an Ad Package.

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