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How does is sound to be able to work from home and not have to answer to anyone but yourself? Yes, you’re THE BOSS. You’ll be the one who make decisions and shape your future. Sounds great? Then keep reading… Listen most people have a 5-9 job and hates it, but there’re some who don’t mind or simply like the feeling of the security and the predictability of a 5-9 job gives. Think about this, when you work for somebody, you’re helping them to fulfilling their dreams instead of your own. I’ve always felt that I can build my own dream and have my freedom to do whatever I want. I know that you too deserve it and I’m determined to help you to achieve what you deserve and dream of.

I remember the time where I’m just about to dive into the online business world. With confidence and drive to persue my dream, but it was really hard for me to decide what to choose. Not only to mention where to begin. I see everywhere that you can make money fast on the internet and I got into their schemes and got burned. There was so called “gurus” that claim to be experts. But their course, program or system is just generally covered. They don’t really show you their whole strategy, just parts of it. I wasted a lot of my hard earned money. But I didn’t gave up on my dream. The dream to build a successful online business. The dream that I could work from home and quit my 5-9 job. The dream to be my own boss. So I kept going and push my self every day forwards.

Own Boss

One day, by coincidence I stumbled on a blog site where the blogger were talking about how to start an online business. The best part is you can start with no money. But I was skeptical, because I’ve tried many products and failed. I decided to do a proper research of what the blogger is talking about. I googled for days and even weeks to find out if it’s a scam or not. To my surprise I didn’t found any bad reviews on this product. After weeks of research I finally decided to sign up for a free account. The best decision of my life. Everything I wanted to know is provided in this very place. I’ve learn more than I ever would without the place. The program offer me so much values that I’m sure it will do for you too. Most importantly I’m living my dream. I guess you’re curious what the name of the program is. Wealthy Affiliate University is the name of the program. In this Online University you’ll learn everything to make your $1 online and PLENTY MORE. You can read more about this University by =>Clicking Here<=

Wealthy Affiliate University gave me jump start to my online career. It also gave me another new business opportunity to start with: Kindle Publishing. It’s important to diversify your incomes and not to be dependent to only one income stream. Make sense? I could actually set up more website in differents niches, but I gave Kindle Publishing a chance. Why? I think it would be a complement to my blog, I knew that’s many self publishers who earn a lot from it passively, and luckily it turns out to be right decision. You can read about my Kindle Publishing journey =>Click Here<=


Why Most People Fail

Most people’re giving up their online business dream. They say it’s not working, don’t have time, it’s too hard and plenty of other excuses. Do you know what is easy to do? The easiest thing to do is to QUIT. The hardest thing is to KEEP TRYING. The truth is that those who fail and struggle, but not giving up. Those are the people who becomes successful. That is the truth, period.

If you don’t have the right mindset or are willing this enough then you’re already meant to fail. The key is to try, try and try until you reach your goals. Dispite how hard and how many times you fail. You’ll succeed eventually.

I can not emphasize it enough, but you’ve to understand and be serious about it. It’s all begins with your mind and it certainly will end with your mind. Be truth to yourself, the only one you fool is yourself and not anyone else. Don’t make any shortcuts and think of easy ways. Your most important keywords to success is right mindset, drive and passion.

success board

Okay, with that out of the way. I hope you’ve prepared yourself and be serious about building your business.


Check List Before Before You Start

As mention it’s very easy to start an online business nowadays. Many different opportunities to start with. But it would take a lot of time to learn and master the topics by yourself. It would be much easier to have someone who’s already successful and a place with like minded people to help you out. In this website I’ll only recommending products that’s working for me or someone I trust and hopefully it will work for you too.

Here’s is my check list before I start a new business:

  1. Pick your business model that you’re interesting in
  2. Find someone or a community that provide you education and support about the topics. (Course, Books, Mentoring etc)
    • I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate University, because you can test it out for FREE and NO CREDIT CARD is required. I have no doubt in my mind that this is the best affiliate programs out there, if you tried it and disagree. Come back to this site and tell me your opinions about it, I really want to know the reasons.
    • Kindle Publishing is also for free if you like to write your content to your books by yourself. But if you don’t like to write the content yourself, you could simply outsource it. No need for own domain, because the platform is already created. Read more about it =>HERE<=
  3. Credibility of the products
    • Research the founder
    • The founder’s proof of success
    • Don’t forget the students success
    • Search for the course reviews by others
  4. If the course is thrustworty, buy it.
  5. Educate yourself and apply it to your business
  6. Keep believing in yourself and work hard
  7. Never give up, keep trying. The results will eventually come.

To Do List

Do your homework before you jump into anything. When you’ve make up your mind, stick to the plan and don’t lose your focus. You’ll see many different products out there while you work on your business. You’ll maybe be tempted to try the products, DON’T. Focus on your plan and keep building your business. Work hard and consistent then you’ll in the end achieve your success.



We’ve discussed the topic about the opportunity to work from home. It’s up to you to decide if you want to work for someone else’s dream or building your own. Personally I enjoy my freedom and schedule my work. Not to answer to any one but myself. Do what I want and when I want.

Anyone can succeed if you’ve the right mindset, drive and passion.

Find your business model, do your homework and get started

If you still reading. I want to thank you for reading this far and I hope my words has reached you. I sincerely whish you all the best and all the success in the world. I also hope you got inspired and see what you can accomplish if you decide to take massive action today.

Everybody has to start somewhere. I started with blogging and earning my income with affiliate programs. Being an affiliate is great, because you don’t have to create any products, do the delivery by mail or support. You simply recommending the products and get a commission for it, and the great thing is PASSIVE INCOME. You’ll earn money while you sleep! There is many products that need affiliates to promote their products. You can be an affiliate by signing up for free on Amazon Associates, Click Bank, JVZOO and many more.

passive income

Get started now with Wealthy Affiliate University for $0 dollar. I also recommend you to read my Kindle Publishing Business.

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below and I’ll personally reply that’s my promise to you.

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To your success,