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My strongest recommendation where to get started online, is no doubt in my mind The Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s FREE to try and you decide wether you’ll proceed or not. But many sticks around, because the place provides great values. In this University there’re many ordinary peoples who started their successful online business. Everybody has to start somewhere and it’s important to get into the right place early on. Scroll down to the bottom of this site and create your account today! For more details, keep reading.


About Wealthy Affiliate University

Wealthy Affiliate were founded by Carson & Kyle in 2005. The founders are very active within the WA community
and do respond to helpkyle-and-carson you out whenever you need them. Among them there are a whole lot of people who are successful and has been there for years. Their expertise in different niches and knowledge about the online business world is unvaluable, and as in my opinion A GOLDEN GOLD MINE

When you’ve a place with like minded people and an interactive community with successful online entrepreneurs to support you, you don’t really have any excuses to not succeed with your business. You’ll have the chance to reach out to them and get help in just a few moment, not hours. Have you ever talk to a millionairs online entrepreneurs before? If your answer is NO, then now is your chance. Don’t delay your dream by sitting on the fence. Take massive action and make your dream true. Live by your own terms and don’t let anybody say what you should do.

This community is meant to offer guidance and support, and have the spirit to pay it forwards.

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Training And Class Rooms

The training is a step by step system and the main focus on affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing you say? Well – it’s about promoting other’s people’s or company’s products to earn commisions.

The courses explaine everything in depth and over the shoulder videos. Each lessons have a checklist so you don’t get lost or deviate from the training. If you follow the training correctly you’ll earn while you learn. 

The certification program have 5 courses/levels. I’ll show you what the first course is about.

Course 1 includes 10 lessons, take a look at the image below:

Wealthy Affiliate Course 1

The course benefits and the values you get from learning:


Here’s some of the member’s reviews:



What Does It Cost?

What is the price? Now let us take a quick view of this. When you pay for your education (Online Business Marketing) in whatsoever Universities or Private schools, they will charged you for $10 000,- dollars or even more.

Ask your self: – Do I afford a $10 000,- dollar education?

I can tell you that most people don’t afford it. And not to mention you must be accepted by the Universities and Private schools, so it’s a harder way to go. I don’t tell you that proper education is not good. But to get approved to a good education, you’ve to have good results and grades, that’s something not everyone got. 

Great news for you. There exists an online entrepreneur certification opportunity that allows you to test it out for FREE. Yes, it will cost you $0 dollars. You know the name of the University already… Wealthy Affiliate University:

The Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Starter Membership is indeed FREE to take.

Take your leaps of faith today and join many thousands of students who’s starting to build their online busines dream. It’s no matter if you’re a novis or an experienced internet marketer. The University suits for every body who’s serious to building their own business.

You need to also know about the Premium Membership. With the premium account you’ll access to a whole lot more which you should consider.

The Premium Membership cost is – $47 monthly or $359 yearly.

$359 yearly! It’s less than $1 dollar per day!

Remember you only pay for the Premium account if you decide to go further. I suggest you to try it for free first and test drive the University, before you make up your mind.

Get a discount for the first month if you upgrade to Premium account within 7 days after signing in for free. The first month will cost you $19 instead of $47. You can cancel anytime you want if you’re not satified with the WA University.

I strongly advice you to sign up today and take a look. You have nothing to lose, but every thing to gain.


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Due to high risk of freud and security some countries are excluded from the Free Starter Membership

Excluded Countries Are:

  • Nigeria
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Pakistan

It may be more other countries that are excluded than listed above. If you’re living in one of those countries that are excluded, you can’t get the free starter membership. You must sign up for the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP in order to get access to the WA University.

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Who Can Take Advantage Of Wealthy Affiliate University?

The answer is simple; EVERYONE can take advantage of WA University. If you have a hobby or a passion, you can build your business around it and monitize it. The WA University will educate you how to turn your hobby or passion to an online business.

Don’t have any hobby, passion or trouble to find a niche? Don’t worry, WA University got you covered. Go straight ahead to WA Affiliate Boot Camp. The boot camp is a course where you will be properly trained for how to promote Wealthy Affiliate University as an affiliate.


The great thing with the WA Affiliate Boot Camp is that you get rewarded if you manage to get 300 other people to sign up for WA University within a year. The reward is a trip 3 day/night with all expenses covered to Las Vegas Nevada! Unbelievable motivation and reward for you.

The invitation to LA Nevada includes:

  • To meet the founders Kyle & Carson in person
  • Meeting other Superstar Affiliates
  • The ENTIRE trip will be paid for you and a guest
  • 5 star hotel suite
  • Entertainment is in abundance (gambling, shows, dinners)
  • 3 day private conference
  • Heading home with some awesome WA swag
  • Plus much much MUCH MORE


Does this evokes your interest? No time to waste =>CLICK HERE TO GET ROLLING<=

NB: The reward is for each and every year, meaning that you can get the invitation each year if you manage to get 300 new peoples to sign up each year!


What To NOT Expect From Wealthy Affiliate University?

This is NOT; A get rich fast program! If that what you’re looking for, this place is not for you period. You can move along and find it somewhere else. WA University will teach you a proven step by step, how to build a long term online business from scratch and earn enough to become your own boss and beyond.

This is NOT based on HYPE or Empty Promises. As you may know from own experience that the programs and services out there try to lure you in with great promises of making money fast and easy. When you join their’s programs they do not provide you any quality or proper training to build your business. They even promise you a risk free 30 days or 60 days money back no question asked etc, but in reality it’s a hassle to get the money back. Sounds familiar? With WA University you can try it for free and see if you like it or not.

This is NOT A MLM PROGRAM or a pyramid scheme. You don’t need to recruiting people under you in order to earn money. WA University teach you how to turn your passion or hobby into a long term online business and monetize it.

This is NOT one of those programs that have upsells. If you’re happy with the free account and want to get to the next levels, then you should take on the Premium account. NO UPSELLS after you’ve become a Premium Member.

This is NOT a place to SPAM. Anybody who’s spamming will get their’s account suspended. You can’t promotes your products within the community, but you can promote your products on your own place/profile.


What You Can Expect From Wealthy Affiliate University

You can expect an ALL-IN-ONE PLATFORM for you to build a successful online business. Premium members have access to all of this:

  • An Interactive Community – If you want to be successful you have to mingle with successful peoples.
    • Live Chat, ask and get help when you need it.
    • Discussion groups/sites
    • Weekly Webinar Live
    • Private one-on-one support
    • Access to ask millionair members and get help from them. They all have been through WA University.
  • Training: Endless training within WA. Even though Kyle creates tons of the training in there. You’ll see that also other members creating their own tutorial and training for other members. This is a way to help each other to succeed. The culture here is based on the PAY-IT-FORWARD mentality.
  • All In One Platform Tools: You get all the tools to build your online business.
    • Website Management Tool
    • Site Manager
    • Site Builder
    • Site Comments
    • Site Feedback
    • Site Domains
    • Site Support
    • Keyword Search Tool
    • Much much more…

As you see above, you’ll get everything you need to build your business. But with all the tools and training provided, it depends on your effort and applying what you have learn to your long term successful online business. To achieve success required HARD WORK, DEDICATION and PASSION. Your success is as much as you put your work into it.

Be true to yourself:

  • Are you willing to put in the hard work to make it happen?
  • Are you tired of all the programs that gives you hopes and empty promises?
  • Lost your drive to succeed online?
  • You don’t have found any place where to start?
  • Do you want more time with your family and love ones?
  • Are you commited to your success?

If all the questions above is a rumbling YES! Then take action TODAY! Not tomorrow or any time soon, but NOW!


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 Please leave your comment below. I would love to answer your thought and questions.