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Want to know more about Kindle Publishing Business? You’re in the right spot.

Now what is this all about? In this business you publish your e-books and sell them on Amazon. Before you can publish your book you have to create a free account on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) website. Go to: or click on the link below:

Kindle Direct Publishing

=>Click Here To Create Your Account<=

If you’re an Author, hobby writer or a publisher you can easily publish your e-books on KDP and sell them to earn royalties.

I my self sells book on KDP Amazon without writing any of my books. How? Keep reading and you’ll shortly find out… 


What Can You Benefit From Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

KDP was launched in 2008 by Amazon and has since dominated the market of e-books sales. Self publishing is extremely easy to do and I believe anybody can do this if you get the right guidance.

KDP provides you a selling platform on Amazon, meaning that you don’t have to create your own website in order to publish and sell your books.

“NO NEED TO CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITE – Start Publishing Your E-Books For Free And Earn Your Royalties”

No Website Building

KDP makes every thing easy for self publishing. It’s free to create an account and to publish e-books. You can also take the advance of selling print books (paperback) to no cost for you, by uploading your book to CreateSpace. You can even earn more royalties by putting your book to Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) for Audiobooks. The best part is that ACX is also free cost if you split your royalties with the narrator for your book.

So if you’re an author or just like to write you can benefit from KDP with practically ZERO cost. But if you don’t wan’t to write your own content you can easily outsource the content writing by hiring GhostWriters or Writing Companies. 

The place to find and hire ghostwriters are ie. on:

For writing companies you can use:

After you have published your book and promoted your book correct then you can earn money passively. 

Passive Income

How Do You Promote Your Book?

With KDP Select you can enroll your books to free book promotion in every 90 days. If you choose to sign up your book for KDP Select then you’re not allowed to sell your e-books anywhere else than Amazon. The great thing with free book promotion is that your book is more visible for buyers. When buyers purchase your free book they help you to rank your book higher in the paid store after the free promotion is over, which lead to more sales.

Here’s what you should do when your book is ready to publish:

  1. Price your book $0.99
  2. Get reviews for your book
  3. Submit your book to free or paid submission websites, 7 days before the free promotion (list of free submission websites)
  4. Schedule your book to the 5 days free promotion
  5. Promote your book to the social media Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc
  6. Raise the price to $2.99 ONLY when the book is free
  7. When 90 days has passed, put your book to the 5 days free promo again.
  8. Sit back and earn your royalties passively.


Easy right? I’ve also done it without doing the marketing like promoting to submission websites and social media. This method will release you from a time consuming marketing, believe me it takes time to submit the books to the submission websites and social medias. I’ll share with you where I’m learning this method later on.


How Do You Earn Royalties

The lowest price you can sell your book is $0.99 dollar (this is for the US market). If you sell books for $0.99, your royalty rate would be 35%.

If you sell book between $2.99 and 9.99, the royalty rate is 70%! That’s a good royalty rate. Most Kindle books is sold for $2.99 on Amazon.

Always aim for the US market, because the US market is the biggest and where the money is. So when you create an account for KDP you want to create it on the .com market.

Make Money

Why Start With Self Publishing Now?

The timing is right for you to jump in. This is the opportunity that you have waiting for. If you’re looking for a business model that’s not required a lot of time to build your own e-commerse or blog websites, and if you have some money to spend to make money. You can earn money faster than building a website for blogging or e-commerse (if you do thing correct from the start), then this business model suits for you. If you want to succeed you got to get help or have someone to guide you or purchase a course/program. I’ll strongly recommend you to read my comparison between K Money Mastery (KMM) and Self Publishing Revolution courses.

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I want you to think about why the timing is perfect for you to start a Self Publishing Business now.

Let me make this more understandable:

  • In the old days you’ve to get in contact with a literary agents or publishing companies that are willing to take a chance on your book, before they’ll publish it and it was a struggle to get a deal.
  • NOW you don’t need to contact any of them. You can just publish your books yourself to KDP in a matter of minutes, if you have a book to upload of course.

Self Publishing is easy and the time is perfect to you seize the opportunity. You never know if some kind of this opportunity shows up again in a near future.


Be aware that if you decide to do this and try to figure it out all by yourself. You’ll proberly struggle, that’s why I recommend you have someone to guide you or purchase a course. Make sure that you do a proper research before you purchase the course. Look for the founder’s credebility, their’s success and the students success rate. I’ve been through this jungle and I’m sharing you my two best course; comparison between KMM and Self Publishing Revolution.



My Kindle Publishing Journey

Back in 2015 I was starting my online venture, I faced many obsticles and was very exhausted. I was literally trying many businesses with no success or results. Then I discovered Wealthy Affiliate Universityyou can read more about it HERE, which lead me to The Kindle Publishing Business. I started with the KDP in 2016, but had not really the focus on it, because I was just trying it out. I was lucky to find a affordable course name K MONEY MASTERY (KMM) created by Stefan Pylarinos.

K Money Mastery

KMM is a great course with step-by-step video course and pdf training documents. Stefan will guide you through every steps starting with how to:

  1. Creating the KDP Account
  2. Look For Profitable Niche
  3. Research Profitable Keywords
  4. Come Up With A Title That sells
  5. Cover Analyzing
  6. Outsource The Content Writing if you don’t want to write the books yourself 
  7. Publish The Book On Kindle (KDP)
  8. Search For Your Book
  9. Get Reviews
  10. Marketing On KDP Select
  11. Promote Your Book On Social Media
  12. Much much more

Later on when I started to earn some money I decided to purchase the Full Disclosure Membership (which is the upsells of KMM). With this membership I got access to a lot more advance strategies to earn more than the startup membership. With the starter membership you can potentially earn thousands of dollars each month, but with the FDM membership you could potentially earn millions and get access to The Mastermind Facebook site. The mastermind site is where all the FDM members share their thought, strategies and support each other to push everyone forward. Stefan is also active in the facebook group too.

As mention I did not join the FDM membership before I had earned some money with the starter membership. When did I earn the money? It took me 4-5 months before I earn more than $100 pr months passively. I remember that I startet on January 2016, my first two books launched in February, and started to see great results in May. Even though I was happy with the results, but still I was feeling that I was missing something.

I turn to Mr. Google and YouTube. I found some great free stuff by Dave Koziel and Luca De Stefani on YouTube. Dave gave massive great info for free, he’ve also offering course and mentoring, but I never did take it. Luca hower, I first think he was actually one of those “gurus”. But I did noticed that some of his students are also members in the KMM, I asked them about Luca’s course, so I took the chance and purchased Luca’s course (in August): Self Publishing Revolution. GREAT DECISION! His course filled the empty spots that I was woundering about and I got results fast. If you want to see my results =>Click Here<=


Product info on K Money Mastery and Self Publishing Revolution:

Product nr.1: K Money Mastery
Product Site:

Founder: Stefan Pylarinos
Price: One time payment (life time access) price $67 USD, Full Discloser Membership (this is an upsell and you get more advance lessons and access to the Master Mind Facebook Site) price is monthly fee $67 USD. =>Click Here To Get Started With KMM One-Time Payment<=

Product nr.2: Self Publish Revolution
Product Site:
Founder: Luca De Stefani
Price: One time payment (life time access including Master Mind Facebook Site) $299 USD or monthy fee $47 USD
One-time payment $299 USD: =>Go To The Product Click Here<=
Monthly Fee $47 USD: =>Go To The Product Click Here<=

Before you decide to pick your product, I would highly recommend you to read my comparison:

K Money Mastery VS Self Publishing Revolution

K Money Mastery vs Self Publishing Revolution =>Click Here<=

I would be happy to answer your comment or question, please leave them below.

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  1. Hi Nam,

    As someone who is in the throws of trying to complete a series of books, the information here is very helpful. I will be checking back in for more tips on how to publish my books. Thank you for creating this site.

    Wishing you every success


    1. Hi Sean,

      I’m so happy that you’re in publishing business Sean. With my own experience I must say that this is the “fastest” way I ever tried to earn money online. I really hope you succeed my friend. Let me know if I can help you out any way I can.

      To your success,


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