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Overall Ranking: 2/5
Price: $37
Owners: Socrates Socratous (obviously a pseudonym)


In the old days of search engines, getting listed on search results was simply a matter of having the keywords in the titles and website name. Sometimes the websites literally peppered the website pages with keywords so they’d get listed.

Then Google came along, and suddenly the search engine business changed. Google used secret algorithms to figure out much more accurately what websites the users where actually looking for.

Still, SEO specialists were able to discover the various tricks that people can use to rank highly on various keywords. But Google fought back, and now the dust has settled on the war. The message is now clear that tricks and technical hacks just won’t cut it anymore.

If you want to rank highly in Google, you need to offer website content that actually grabs the interest of your audience. Only if you can keep the attention of the users on your website will Google finally relent on giving you the top slots on their search engine results.

So how do you grab the attention of your website visitors? You need killer content that’s actually interesting and useful for your audience. The problem is that most website owners have no real clue how to create high quality content for their website. They don’t really know how to write proper articles. Even when they can write, it takes too much of their time.

This is where the Killer Content System comes in. It offers you a way to boost the traffic to your website by helping you produce outstanding content for your site, quickly and safely.

The Killer Content System starts with a series of videos outlining the various steps you need to take. It offers you its database of thousands of articles covering a wide range of specialist niches. Then you’re offered tools to convert these articles into unique content so that you don’t get penalized by Google for using duplicate content in your website.

There are lots of tips here, including finding the right niches, targeting the right keywords, improving your subscriber base, and making more money. You’re offered tools and programs that can help, although you will have to pay extra money for the extra tools.



  • It’s pretty much a straightforward education packet, with videos clearly explaining the various steps you have to take.
  • By having a speedy way to generate articles, you don’t waste your time writing bad articles.
  • You can then actually oversee dozens of websites and generate content for all these sites quickly.
  • You generally only have to pay one-time fees for each tool you use. There are no monthly fees and other expensive propositions that can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • It saves you from having to hire writers for your site. There really aren’t too many good writers around you can get for cheap. Many of them may even use spinner tools to generate the articles!


  • There’s still the risk of penalties should Google detect that you’re using duplicate content. That means your website won’t rank at all no matter what keywords the Google users enter in the search box. For all intents and purposes, to Google your website will no longer exist.
  • There’s no trial, live chat, or private mentoring whatsoever. There’s simply no support at all. You get at tool, you pay for that tool—that’s it.


These are for website owners who don’t know how to produce the articles they need for their websites. The Killer Content System is actually for newbies and for those website owners struggling to get by.

The website owners targeted by the Killer Content System are those who are aiming to make money off their websites. They can be sellers, or affiliate marketers who earn commissions by funneling their readers to the website sellers.


The first step here in the Killer Content System is that you get access to several training videos delineating the steps you have to take to make your marketing and selling website successful.

Here you learn about various ways of making money:

  • You’ll find out about how to attract thousands of subscribers in just a few hours.
  • You’ll learn how to generate the right keywords to target in your website.
  • You’ll be taught how to build a list on eBay for free and how to get money off that list.

You’ll get access to the thousands of articles in the Killer Content System database, along with tools that automatically spins (rewrites) the articles so they appear unique. You can get built in banners, and a program that automatically publishes your articles on other websites. There’s also a tool that connect your site with other websites so that you get backlinks that the Google search algorithms value.


There isn’t any support at all. It’s like you’re buying a novel—you can’t contact the publisher if you don’t understand something.

For the Killer Content System, you don’t get to try it out for free or for a minimal cost. There’s no live chat with people helping you out when you get stuck. You obviously can’t contact the owner of the system either. The owner is even using a pseudonym!


The videos are first offered for $47, and then it drops to $37 if you’re wise enough to try to leave the website. That’s the kind of annoying pricing scheme that you will encounter with the Killer Content System.

Afterwards, you’ll then be offered various extra tools and informational packets, but pricing will still be an issue. There’s really no firm price for them, and the cost can change at any time.


These tools may seem a bit outdated, and they do offer certain risks. It’s not that you risk that they won’t work and you’ve wasted your money. You also risk getting penalized by Google, so you’re worse off than you were before.

Please leave a comment. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and thoughts.

So what can you pick instead?

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14 thoughts on “Killer Content System Review”

  1. This has been a Briliant Read Nam!

    I have been receiving some emails regarding this product and thought it could help me with content ideas.

    However, I am so glad I read your review as the idea that this product encourages duplicate content is a HUGE NO NO for me I think the punishments from search engines will certainly hurt my ranking for my sites.

    Thanks again I can start ignoring these emails now as I wont join this one.

    I will stick with your Recommended Resource program instead that will help me more !!

  2. This is pretty interesting. I was looking to compare wealthy affiliate to killer content. I came across both. I liked Killer because it was cheaper. But it seems like it is cheaper for all the wrong reasons. I guess I should go with WA.

    Thank you

  3. Hi Nam,

    Great review. You have given some excellent information and the reader will definitely be able to make a decision on the product from your review.

    Well done and keep up the good work

    Kind regards,


  4. Killer content sounds like it will kill the content for you to get high rankings in search engines. Thank you for informing me about this product. AM hearing of it the first time.
    Apart from getting penalized by Google, what else does it lead one’s business negatively?
    I like the way you have clearly explained about the way it works.
    Maybe one can grab one or two pieces of information from the videos.
    So what is up about Why is it your number one recommendation?

    1. Hi Mariam,

      Thank you for your comment! Apart from getting penalized by Google, you may destroy your reputation or brand heavily that may not save it. Always think long term. It’s like building a house. You have to have good foundation and framework before everything is in place. With your hard work building the house it could take fire and burn to ashes in hours. With one fire you may end up to lose the house. Your time and effort building a successful online business is the same and you don’t want to lose all the hard work, right?

      About Wealthy Affiliate I would recommend you to read my articles and posts and you will know why I recommending WA. If you still have questions I’ll happy to answer them. WA is my number one recommendation is because I can easily stand behind it and I’m a student myself. You can see my progress on my monthly updates.

      All the best,


  5. Great article, I especially like how you mention the benefits and shortcomings of the product. This is a great alternative of having to hire expensive writers to write articles for you; however, like you said, there is a risk of having google being not too friendly to you for using this way. When you purchase a product it is important to know that the owners stand behind it; however, in this case….without the support or a trial period it sounds like they don’t 100% believe in it. Just having a product isn’t good enough anymore as there is a lot of competition; however, having a quality product with great support is key in being successful in today’s market.

    1. Hi friend,

      Thank you for your comment! You’re right and I hope this product review will help people to think twice before purchasing.

      All the best,


  6. Hi Nam
    I’ve not heard of Killer Content System and, after reading your review, I don’t like it.
    Writing can take a bit of practice but there are plenty of free tools available to help you on your way.
    I use Google Alerts to help with finding inspiration.
    Thanks for the review

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