K Money Mastery (KMM) by Stefan Pylarinos Review

Overall Ranking: 3/5 stars
Price: $67
Owners:  Stefan James Pylarinos
Website: http://kmoneymastery.com/


According to its marketing materials, K Money Mastery (KMM) is the most effective desktop program for making money through Kindle publishing.  Basically, the program contains a series of video tutorials demonstrating the methods for selling Kindle e-books on Amazon and similar sites. This is a useful program for people who are interested or involved e-book publications for sale in their own websites and on Amazon.

Aside from the video tutorials, subscribers are also provided with full access to the membership area where other members can provide assistance. This is also a forum for exchanging information, ideas and updates among the creators of the program and the current subscribers. 

The step-by-step series of video tutorials supposedly cover every aspect of Kindle publication. These include writing the books, publishing them on Kindle, and earning money from them, as well as outsourcing the work to ghost writers.



To its credit, KMM has several benefits that users can enjoy including:

  • The trial period offer requires a $7 payment for a 7-day access to the program. You can try it out for seven days to determine whether its features and functions are suitable for your money-making needs. You can then decide to go all out by paying the $60 fee.

You may find the information reliable and useful, too, which will justify the $7 fee. You can find similar information for free on the Internet, too, but the reliability may not be as high. 

  • The program offers plenty of reliable and practical content. You will find five major sections with several minor sections, with the Lessons section as the most important.

In the Lessons section, you can watch video tutorials, infographics, audio interviews, and infographics dealing with a wide range of topics. These include finding a profitable niche, performing keyword research, using online marketing methods, and making your e-books profitable, among others. 

Stefan James Pylarinos, the creator and owner of the KMM program, has been a successful e-book author for many years. He knows what he’s talking about and you can benefit from his expertise. 

But there are also many disadvantages to the KMM program including:

  • The product focuses on creating, promoting and selling non-fiction books only. You will only be informed about the ins and outs of non-fiction topics including wealth, health and relationships. You have to refer to other sources for fiction books.
  • The program focuses on building an existing online business mainly by using e-books to drive traffic. You’re not provided with the tools to build your online brand as an author or e-books, which can become your bread and butter.
  • The advice on outsourcing e-books to the lowest bidder is a bad one. You cannot buy quality literary outputs for five dollars so your e-books will likely be of poor quality too. Your target readers will not want to waste their money on them.
  • The program doesn’t provide a support system for the subscribers, not even a community of members. You will have plenty of room for error since you don’t have fellow writers to turn to for advice, ideas, and information.
  • The lessons can be lengthy. You may or may not have the patience and perseverance to wade through the voluminous material, especially when you want to immediately start.

The bottom line: You will likely find the cons outweighing the pros. 


The KMM program is designed for beginners and intermediate-level online marketing professionals of e-books on Kindle and Amazon.


Based on the website, the training tools provided in the KMM program include:

  • K Money Mastery Modules, which are divided into 21 lessons on a wide range of topics. These include creating a title and cover that sells, creating a KDP and an Amazon Author Central accounts, getting Amazon reviews, boosting Amazon rankings, and optimize Kindle books. These modules also include 30-plus in-depth video lessons with step-by-step tutorials, downloadable lesson worksheets, and a personal tool box.
  • K Mastery Bonus Lessons including goal setting, automation and outsourcing, philosophy for success, business accounting basics, and tax requirements, to name a few.


As previously stated, the KMM program doesn’t offer an effective and efficient after-sales customer support service. 


For $67, you can avail of the KMM program. This is a relatively affordable price considering the expensive costs of other similar programs.

But emphasis must be made that you will only get the downloadable program and its modules, lessons and bonuses. You’re not getting the other equally important aspects of starting your own online business, such as your website and its domain name and hosting.  You may have the information but not the tools to get started on your online money-making plans.


The KMM program is a good product if and when you’re looking for an effective and efficient tool to boost your e-book business on Kindle and Amazon. You may or may not be able to earn more money online from it, especially when you’re just a beginner in the field.

If you decide to jump into Kindle Publishing Business. I strongly recommend you to read my comparison between KMM and SPR (Self Publishing Revolution), click on the link below:

K Money Mastery (KMM) VS Self Publish Revolution Comparison

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  1. Hi, Nam. Thanks for posting this. As an affiliate marketer, I couldn’t agree with you more. Affiliate marketing is the way to go, especially for beginners. Once you’ve established yourself online, branching out into ebooks and other areas can be profitable.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you’re on the same side as me. I hope that people could benefit from this information and do a wise decision when purchasing a product.

      All the best,


  2. Hi there!
    KMM is not all bad but with no support system, I’m out. Is Stefan James Pylarinos selling other products or is there an upgrade KMM to get a support and what not? someone should reach out and suggest to include support on the program.
    I’m an online marketer myself. I heard good thing about Wealthy Affiliate. Keep it up.

    1. Hi Nani,

      Thank you for your comment! You’ll be earning more with Affiliate Marketing if you have the right training and tools. And when you’re ready you can branch out to other businesses, this will give you multiple income streams. Then you’ll secure your income if one of the businesses somehow not working anymore.

      Please read My #1 Recommended Program to see if that is for you or not.

      All the best,


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