Instant Payday Network Review

Instant Payday Network

Overall Ranking: 3/5
Price: Various prices apply as there are different offers that members can take advantage of.
Owners: Jeff Buchanan


One of the best sidelines is to make money online. However, not everyone knows that there are loads of different ways how to effectively do this without a large investment. The Instant Payday Network was created to help folks make money through the internet, even without a lot of experience and skills in doing so.

You might be wondering: what exactly is the Instant Payday Network? Simply put, the Instant Payday Network is a kind of affiliate marketing method where you can make money by inviting people to sign up and complete offers.

The great thing about the Instant Payday Network is that you don’t have to invest money outright to start earning. While it should be noted that you will cash out at some point in trying to make money with this method, you don’t have to do it upfront. To get started, you just really have to sign up and complete a few offers with a “freebie company” known as the Every person who signs up helps this company to generate leads that their clients need, making it possible for them to make money by just attracting new members.

Once you’re signed up and done with a few offers, you’ll receive a few tools to spread the word and get more people to sign up. You’ll receive four capture pages, an autoresponder, and a tracker to make things easier for you. You don’t even have to do the explaining what the program is about because these tools will already direct people to videos and contents made by the founder himself to explain everything for you.

In short, all you need to do is to promote the program using your capture pages. You’ll need people to sign up through your capture pages so you can make money from it. Each person who signs up will let you earn $20, so the more people you get to sign up with your link, the more earnings you’ll have.

Beginners without any prior experience in affiliate marketing can also take advantage of this program to earn and learn about the industry since you get to be trained and taught essential skills after you sign up. You’ll be mentored by experts, so you don’t have to worry about being a newbie in the field and you can still be sure to make money through the program.


  • It’s a great way for beginners to start making money online.
  • It’s a legitimate online sideline.
  • You can work on this gig on your free time, letting you become more productive and efficient with your down time.
  • There’s no need to shell out a large amount of cash to get started.
  • Mentors are available to help you learn the ropes.


  • You might feel lost at first as the details of what you need to do will not be provided instantly.
  • You make money through referrals, which is not exactly as easy as it seems. It’s still a form of MLM if you’ll think about it, but since there’s a steady source of income, it’s not bound to crash and burn like other MLM programs.
  • You’ll need to heavily push for the program to make money.
  • No traffic means no earnings, so you’ll need to find effective ways to attract people to join the program.
  • You still need to spend some money somewhere down the line.


If you’re considering trying your hand with the Instant Payday Network, you might want to know who will benefit the most from this program. Experienced sales people are most likely to get the most earnings from this method, really, since you need to coax people to become members to make some money. If you’re charming and you can sell anything, you have great odds in benefiting largely from the Instant Payday Network.

However, you might need to couple these skills with some online know-how since you’ll be doing your promotions on the web. Knowing how to create effective content will really boost your chances of attracting more people to sign up, so you should also be ready to devote some time and effort in this area.

Beginners are very welcome to try their hand on the Instant Payday Network, but you have to be ready for the amount of effort that comes with this opportunity. While making money through this method is easy, there’s a learning curve that you need to surpass, so you need to be prepared for that.


To help members make money, the creator of the Instant Payday Network has also built a nice support system. Aside from the primary tools like the capture pages, autoresponder, and tracker, you can also use the training videos and scripts to help you encourage more people to sign up. Each member will also get a personal mentor to help jumpstart their money making process.


There are two options to get support from the Instant Payday Network creators, you can either contact your personal mentor or send email inquiries. The feedback for these aren’t really sparkling, but some members do get great support, so it might still be worth a try.


The amount of money you have to spend on this program vary largely on the offer you want to take advantage of. It can range from $10 to $30.

Using paid advertisements is also a recommended way to get the word out there and attract referrals. However, this can be a bit costlier as the packages’ prices can range from $197 to $997.


The Instant Payday Network is a surefire way to make money online, but like other methods of earning real money through the web, it requires a good amount of hard work to get the job done. You can give this method a go, but it might be a bit tricky for those who are not particularly skilled in hard selling memberships to others.

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  1. Hi, Nam. It looks like this is an option for beginners looking to make money online. I am a little confused about how it works. When I went to, I found links to three other programs. I didn’t see the MyCashFreebies link. I’m sure it’s a good program like you describe; I just find the sign-up a little confusing. Thanks for the informative review.

    1. Hi Andy,

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad that you like it. Please try to contact their support and see how they respond to you. And I would like you to read My #1 Recommended Program before you decide to sign up for Instant Payday Network.

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  2. Thank you for suggesting Instant Payday Network. I’m interested since it’s a bootstrap model business (no upfront money required). Currently I’m still looking for affiliate program. Let me go through this again. Anyway. Thanks again. Informative!

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      Thank you for your comment! The one and only affiliate program I would recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. Please read My #1 Recommended Program and decide if that is for you.

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  3. This is an excellent post. I had considered IPD at one time and had looked again. This review has given me more to consider. Well done and thanks!

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