How To Get Top Rank In Google Search

Six Tips for Attaining Top Ranking in a Google Search

 There is no magic method, no Google-favored SEO, and no tools that will guarantee you the coveted #1 spot in Google ranking.  To gain and remain one of the top ranked in Google searches requires daily dedication to using a broad range of reputable resources and proven strategies.  When you’ve created a recognized brand, professionally promoted it, and linked yourself and your business to other industry experts, you’ll begin to experience all the benefits Google offers.

We’ve included six tips to help you attain top ranking in a Google search.  Follow some of them, and you’ll have some success.  Follow all of them, and watch your Google ranking begin to climb.  If you’re a new entity or have just started your online presence, don’t expect overnight success.  Building your ranking on Google can be an ongoing grind, and there are no guarantees that once you’re on top, you’ll stay there.  However, a continued effort to incorporate these six tips will increase your online opportunities and help you and your company to reach “top dog” position in the crazy world of Google.

Google Search Engine

Keywords is essential to get rank in a high position. Try this keyword tool, Jaaxy, for free and find low hanging fruit keywords. With low hanging fruits, we mean low competition keywords that have decent amount of search per month. Enter a keyword below and see if the keyword is good or not. You’ll also get other keyword suggestions from the tool:

Tip #1:  Partner with Online Professionals

Know your strengths and limitations, and then partner with people who are online professionals.  If you’re trying to run a company, design a website, write a blog, and become a social media guru, you’re shooting for “just get it done” quality instead of the top shelf performance needed to boost your Google ranking.  The expense is relative when you think of the additional revenues you’ll receive from life at the top.  The professional partners you’ll need on your team are as follows.

  • Website Developer and Designer
  • Content Writer
  • SEO Expert
  • Social Media Professional

Make sure your professional partners work well together; your content and visuals will complement each other when your team members collaborate.  For example, your SEO should collaborate closely with your content writer to enable him or her to use and place the proper keywords and long-tail search words.

Search Engine Optimization

Ideally, you should write a new blog weekly, and post on your social media sites every day, adding photos, upcoming events or education you’ll be attending, and new links.  It will be beneficial for you to hire professionals who offer regular updates and frequent changes without breaking the bank.

Tip #2:  Build Your Brand on Social Media

Create a website that is interactive and provides relevant content, infographics, and illustrative videos.  Link your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, and any other social media you are on with your Website.  If you create informative content, others will not hesitate to subscribe and share.  Avoid writing content that reads like an advertisement for your service or product.  If people record television programs to prevent commercial interruptions, they certainly don’t want to read your online advertorial blog.  If they do happen to plow through it once, what’s going to bring them back again and again?


As you build your brand, remember to give it your personal signature.  Others should get a glimpse of your personality by visiting your pages.  When you’re providing interesting information about your product or service, include some entertaining or interesting facts about yourself to personalize your online presence.

Tip #3:  Be Curious About Your Competitors

It’s imperative that you know what your competitors are doing online.  Who’s advertising on their website?  What keywords and phrases are they using?  What are they writing about on their blogs?  Who’s commenting on their content?  When you see a great article, post a comment.  Visit others who are commenting on their blogs and do the same.  Invite them to visit your site and comment or link.

When you discover what is working for your competitors, ask yourself how you can do it better, more efficiently and affordably.  Then advertise what makes you stand out from your competition.  Avoid general comments or vague information.  Make your blogs powerful and focused on setting new standards of excellence.  Market to those who are visiting your competitors’ sites—they are your potential customers.  Some information to know about your competitors is as follows.

  • Online Reviews
  • Services/Products & Pricing
  • New Offerings
  • Specials or Discounts
  • Innovations or New Ideas
  • Changes in Management/Structure/Company Culture
  • Share of the Marketplace


 Tip #4:  Join Professional Organizations & Agencies

Not only will you create great business relationships, but each person you meet provides a potential link that will push you past mediocre to top ranking on Google searches.  Make sure your business cards contain your social media addresses.  These are as, if not more, important than the physical address of your company.  Offer to host a meeting or be a keynote speaker or panel participant at an event.  Make sure your participation leaves members wanting to hear more, then encourage them to visit your website or social media.  Let them know what’s coming up on a blog, which is a good reason to have your blogs written at least six weeks in advance.


Give to charitable organizations.  They almost always link you on flyers or advertisements for their event, and these links have far-reaching fingers into the business sector.  Join your neighborhood blog, your city council, and extend your social arena to your local church.  Fundraise for the youth, sponsor a little league team or offer a $1,000 scholarship to a graduating high school student.  You’d be surprised at how these organizations will return the favor, the least of which are more links on your website or blog.  Some of the most common organizations and agencies are:

  • The Better Business Bureau
  • Your Local Chamber of Commerce
  • City & State Governmental Agencies
  • Local Libraries’ Websites
  • Non-competing Business in Similar Industries
  • Answer Questions on Yahoo, Quora, and Alexa
  • Pose Thought-provoking Questions on Social Media
  • Participate in a Professional Forum

Tip #5:  Review Reputable Related Products & Services

The key words here are “reputable” and “related” products and services.  You can do this on, and then link to your website or blog for more information.  By writing relevant and specific reviews, you will generate a new traffic stream to your site.  Whatever you do, be smart about it.  Don’t review your own services and products.  Very unprofessional!  Don’t pay for reviews; Google frowns on those and has been known to significantly drop your ranking upon the discovery of such behavior.


Tip #6:  Create a Blog—Write a Book

These provide you with great linking possibilities and can attract traffic to your sites.  Becoming an author also gives you credibility.  Remember, you don’t have to be a professional writer, you just need to know where to find one who can capture your ideas in print.  Look at issues from the consumer’s perspective, and write about topics that they’ll find useful and informative.  Pose questions, create surveys, get customers thinking about how they can do things differently and how you can help them expand their horizons.  There are several places to contract content writers who will do a good job at affordable prices.  Some of the sights you can shop for a writer are as follows.

These sites offer writers for blogs, ebooks, articles, and content writing.  Writers bid on the jobs, but it’s a good idea not to shop price; shopping quality may cost you a little more money but be well worth it in the long run.  You can also find people who will read and review your books and blogs and post those reviews, which will help to boost your rankings.


Most importantly, be patient and keep compounding your efforts by continuing to use every avenue to boost you to top rankings on Google.  Google is an ever-changing process that requires tenacity to remain amongst the top of Google searches.  It’s not about reaching the destination and then resting on your laurels, but rather about reaching the top and then figuring out how to stay there—which has the makings of a whole other article.

Remember to try out the free keyword tool Jaaxy.

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  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, this is very good infromation and I can see rom what you have written having a successful online business requires all of these key ingredients. to some it may seem like a lot of work but this is what is need to stay ahead of he competition and to have good success.

  2. I like this article because it is very informative, I am currently at this stage now were I am trying to tick of all the required points I need to tick off to be able to get a better ranking, this post gives me that and a lot more for me to start ticking of.

    Great list post!

  3. You mention building your brand on Social Media and that’s what I’m getting accustomed to now.
    It is important to create your presence to the world yet this will only happen if you create a schedule to share different links daily.
    Social Media does have tolerance levels, so posting the same link over & over will not work. You require a blog where a vast variety of different posts can be linked to become noticed and more authoritative within your niche.
    Great article. Have you got a Social Media Schedule?

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your comment! Social media is indeed important and will expose your website even further. Yes, my schedule is to share my new posts/pages whenever published to the social media, like Facebook, forums, Youtube, Google+ etc…

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