Home Income Package Review

Home Income Package

Overall Ranking: 0/5
Price: You need to pay $97 to open an account and get started.
Owner: Ethan Anderson
Website: www.athomeincomepackage.com/qualified


The great thing about some methods in making money online is that you can convert even the smallest task into cash with the right program. This is the core of the promise of the Home Income Package: you can make money without a lot of technical skills and by completing menial tasks as long as you create an account with them.

Home Income Package is a promising program to make money online. If you’ll visit their website, you’ll find a lot of testimonials about how people quickly made money through their program. There are screenshots and logos of various popular websites that tend to give the site an air of credibility. However, their site doesn’t really say how you can earn with their program. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll be asked to pay $97 to get started.

Anyone who has a good head on their shoulders will see a lot of red flags in the website. Careful research will also tell you to steer clear from the website. Why? Because you shouldn’t pay a large sum of money for a product that doesn’t even tell you anything about itself.

This is the main problem with the Home Income Package: you won’t know what it is about unless you decide to cough up the steep price to open an account. After doing so, you’ll find out that it’s an affiliate marketing program with some training lessons thrown in.

With so many affiliate marketing programs online, why don’t they just tell people right away about what they’re offering? Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn through the web, so telling people right off the bat that this is the method they’ll use to earn shouldn’t be a problem. This makes the Home Income Package very fishy and not trustworthy.

A lot of experts also advise against shelling out cash just so you can start making money online. Just like offline, you shouldn’t pay money to your employer so you can get hired. The $97 upfront fee is also very steep and is something you shouldn’t shell out if you’re strapped for cash.

So don’t be fooled by something that is just after your money and will not actually help you earn some cash. There are tons of other programs and services online that can help you make money without having to shell out a lot of cash to get started, you just need to be more discerning in finding them.


  • It has great promises, but they’re just promises.
  • 100% risk-free, 60-day money back guarantee, although it might be difficult to ask for a refund if you don’t know who it is that you’re talking to.


  • The website won’t tell you anything about the kind of program they have but expects you to pay for their signup fee right away.
  • The signup fee is quite exorbitant, especially since you have no idea what the offer is about.
  • They use other websites’ logos without consent to build their credibility. They’re basically lying through their teeth that they’re legitimate as they’re coming up with false endorsements to lure people in.
  • There are no reviews that will testify to the effectiveness of this program.
  • They don’t offer free trials so you really have to spend a large amount of money just to learn what this program is about.
  • It promises that you can start making money today using affiliate marketing. This is a false promise as affiliate marketing does not work that way.


The Home Income Package is marketed towards folks who want to start making money online immediately. It promises that you can start earning as soon as you sign up which makes it attractive to those who are looking for quick solutions to their financial burdens. It also targets inexperienced folks who want to augment their earnings through online gigs as they promise that you can earn up to $379 in a day without even having any technical knowledge.


To make the Home Income Package seem legitimate, it offers the following as a part of its program:

  1. One-on-one training for members. This is said to be designed to help those who are inexperienced in affiliate marketing to get their bearings on the field and start earning with this method right away.
  1. Video tutorials and tutorial guides on how to do affiliate marketing.
  1. An automated money-making website to help you get started on affiliate marketing. It’s almost impossible to find an example of these websites, which can only mean two things. It’s either they’re not listed on search engines or they do not exist at all.


You can only get an email address when you click on the “Contact Us” tab of the Home Income Package. No additional information is listed on how you can get in touch with the creators of the program.


Anyone who’s interested in the Home Income Package program will have to pay a signup fee of $97. It’s a pretty expensive offer, really, especially for something that doesn’t provide a lot of information on what it is truly about. Even if it does offer a product, it’s still a steep price to pay for someone who wants to make money online.


With a close look at the Home Income Package program, even inexperienced online money makers will be able to tell that this program is a scam. Legitimate offers will offer every information you need to help you decide if what they offer is the right match for you, so no one will be wasting their time and energy to work on something that won’t help them get great results and this program is the exact opposite.

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4 thoughts on “Home Income Package Review”

  1. My goodness…I checked out their website, I’m blinded by all the flashing things and bright colours. I don’t believe the hype. Thanks for uncovering this scam, I hope people don’t fall for those cheesy smiling faces and instead go with your recommended program.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks for the thorough review of the Home Income Package Program. I would have liked to see some images of what their site looks like and which company logos they used without consent…maybe even an example of one of their ads so that I know what to watch out for visually, as well as in terms of content.

    Also, the first “pro” you listed is actually a “con”. The second one is a “pro” but barely…

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