Google Sniper 3.0 Review

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Price: $47
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To understand how Google Sniper 3.0 works, you need to first know about how Clickbank operates. Clickbank is a bit like Amazon, as they sell products online. The main difference is that Clickbank specializes in selling digital products, so buyers only need to download the items they’re purchasing. Clickbank doesn’t have to actually deliver or ship actual physical items.

You can then make money off Clickbank by making websites that promote particular Clickbank items. Your site sends potential buyers to the Clickbank selling website, and when they do make a purchase you stand to gain a percentage of the sale.

Since Clickbank doesn’t have the need to physically ship items, the commissions for each sale can be tremendous. Many of these products offer up to 75% of the price as commission.

As an affiliate marketer, you can then build a website promoting a particular Clickbank digital product. Your goal is to first rank highly on Google, so you get a lot of traffic to your website.

Then your site has to be convincing enough for your audience to click on your Clickbank link to buy the product. When they make the purchase, you earn money.

That’s where Google Sniper 3.0 comes in. It teaches you how to use “sniper” websites as a way to draw in potential buyers for the particular Clickbank digital item you’re promoting.

A sniper website doesn’t focus on popular keywords, for which you will have to outrank many other competitor websites to get the top Google website rankings. Instead, you target long tail keyword phrases where you only have 1 or 2 competitor websites to deal with.

So for example, let’s say you’re promoting an online Japanese language course. If you use the basic “online Japanese language course” keyword phrase, you’re going to face off with a lot of competition. That’s because there are too many of these online Japanese language courses available.

But if you tailor your website to focus on a more specific phrase (such as “using an online Japanese language course to attract women in Japan”), then you won’t have to worry about too many competitors at all.

That’s what a sniper website does. George Brown invented and popularized the concept back in 2oo9. Back then, you only needed a small website with 5 to 15 pages of content, focusing on your particular keyword phrase. Since these sites were so easy to build, you can make lots of sniper websites and earn a considerable amount of money very easily. After all, once you build the site, it works for you even when you don’t update the site all that often.

It became so popular that Google’s algorithm updates negated much of the advantages of sniper websites. Nowadays Google rankings depend on other factors, so Google Sniper also updated its procedures. George Brown came out with the Google Sniper 2.0 version, and now there’s the GSniper 3.0 version for 2016.


Here are some of the advantages for GSniper 3.0

  • It’s been updated to account for changes in the Google ranking algorithms.
  • It offers step by step instructions on what to do.
  • Sniper websites are easy to build, if you have some prior experience in building websites.

However, there are some drawbacks.

  • It’s no longer as easy to rank these sniper websites highly on Google.
  • It takes constant effort to monitor your websites now, unlike before when updates weren’t necessary to rank highly on Google search results.


This is much more suitable for intermediate affiliate marketers. You’re going to be taught how to set up a website here from the ground up. For beginners, that can be a bit technical and it’s going to cost money to set up the hosting for the site. Building the various pages and elements is going to take time.


This program offers you videos and webinars in the module so that you can get guidance through every step of the process.

  • First you learn which Clickbank products you should be promoting. Some products are easier to sell and they’re more liable to make you more money.
  • You’re also taught how to research the proper keywords to target. This is the process that leaves you with very little competition and with more potential profit.
  • You’re then taught how to optimize your site so you can rank highly on Google with the keywords you’ve chosen. You learn about how to monitor your traffic and to make necessary changes to the site to boost your traffic through Google.


There’s really not much support here. You can submit a support ticket, but the reply will take about 12 to 24 hours.

There are some updates to the program whenever Google makes changes, so you can adapt to these changes and boost (or maintain) your website ranking. But there’s no online community of members for sharing information, and there’s no live chat.


The product sells for $47. However, there’s a trial version you can get for just $1, and you can use it for 5 days. Also, there are several upsells if you want more information.

There’s an extra module of other programs, plus 4 VIP coaching sessions. That’s going to cost you an extra $97. Another program teaches you to create a campaign, this time by having an “over the shoulder” POV as George Brown shows you what to do. That’s another $97.

There’s also a Sniper X program which offers new videos and webinars on a regular basis. That’s for $47 a month.


In many ways, Google Sniper 3.0 is worth your attention. It shows you what you can do with a website even with just little effort, although nowadays you’re still going to work hard for that money.

Please leave a comment. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and thoughts.

Still, the sniper website concept is a bit dated.

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