December Report

Kindle Publishing Business Report

Another great month result. December seems to be a good month. My ebook and paperback sales did great. Let us just take a look at the numbers cause they’re talking about themselves.


Compare to last month (click here to see the report for November). 

Let’s take a moment and calculate this:

Current month royalties – last month royalties:

$1,951 USD – $1,260 USD = $691 USD earned

Amazing! This kind of results will only motivate me more. My next goal is to publish more books and I’m excited to see the result for next month too.

The course that gives me these results is Self Publishing RevolutionRead my two best Self Publishing Course below:

K Money Mastery VS Self Publishing Revolution

Wealthy Affiliate Report

This is an exciting month. My very first referral is in and I’m so happy that it didn’t take longer time, but here is the proof:


Mail from WA (19. December) that says someone has accepted the invitation to try things out. This means that I’ve successfully referred a person to Wealthy Affiliate course with my affiliate link and will be credited for it.

I’ll leave the report short today because the NEW YEAR is just around the corner.

New Year

Why don’t you join Wealthy Affiliate and rocking 2017 with me? Click on the link below to get started with your own online business.

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As always leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer them.

I will in this occasion wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and the year 2017 must be the one that changes your life in all positive ways.

NB: Feel free to share if you know someone who’s going to benefit from this site.


12 thoughts on “December Report”

  1. Hi Nam I really appreciate you letting us see your readout of the money you made it makes a person want really get moving in the publishing business. Is the farming out to other writers very costly ?

    1. Hi Dan,

      Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy with moving to a new house lately. It’s not very costly as you might think to outsource the content. You can have a good book written with 20.000 words for under 200 USD. I hope that answered your question.

      All the best,


  2. Nam, This is fantastic news regarding your commissions here, thanks so much for sharing. This really has provided me with some inspiration to really get my business moving in 2017.
    You’re a talented guy creating and publishing these Kindle books – Well done.
    Sounds like you’re starting to take off on the Wealthy Affiliate platform too, awesome news and I’m right with you here as I set my first enrollment on too this week on the free starter trial.
    Let’s keep this one progressing, the first drink is on me when we both make it to Las Vegas.
    Keep up your great work, I’m with you all the way,

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, December 2016 has been a great month. However, I expect sales to be more normal this month and forwards. And I also take note of which books that is selling well in the December month. This way I’ll plan my strategy for the upcoming December month (2017) and leverage my book sales.

      Congratulation to you too with the first referral to WA! Exciting news! I’m looking forward to meeting you in Las Vegas for a drink or drinks. Keep up the good work my friend!

      To your success,


  3. Woah! This is amazing. are you turning paper books into audio files? Or just selling through your website and collecting a difference from amazon? or are these completely your own books and work?

    1. Hi Kurtis,

      I publish in all platforms: Kindle ebooks, CreateSpace paperback and ACX (audio books). Do you believe me when I say: I don’t write my books? The books I publish are outsourced to writer companies.

      Thank you for your comment. Let me know if you want to start self-publishing.

      All the best,


  4. This is really great news and I am encouraged by it, It is so good when you can see these kinds of results, it only lets you know and confirm that you hard work is really paying off. I makes me feel good to Know that this kind of business is for real and really working. I have and interest also in writing e books, would it be alright If I private message you for advice. Thanks again and have a good day.

  5. You are really doing a great job in the publishing business. How long have you been doing it? It is hard to get started with? What do I need to get started? Congrats on your success. I hope you have more coming. Have a great new year.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Thank you so much! I’ve been doing self publishing since February 2015. If you have right guidance and willing to work for it, you’ll succeed. The course I recommend is very straight forward and easy to follow step by step, Self Publishing Revulotion.

      You only need to create a free account on After you have setting up your profile you’re ready to publish your books. You have two choices; write the books yourself or outsource it. Then you need to know how to market your books. This is all covered in the course Self Publishing Revulotion. I hope this answered your questions.

      Happy New Year to you too!

      All the best,


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