Chris Farrell Membership Review

Overall Ranking: 3/5
Price: Initially $4.95 for the first week, $37 monthly membership fee
Owners: Chris Farrell


Making money online is always a challenge for lots of website owners these days, so there’s a veritable army of marketing “geniuses” out there trying to hawk their own lines of educational programs and tools that are supposed to help. One of them is the Chris Farrell Membership program, and it bills itself as “Voted #1 Online Income Service – 2014”.

Chris Farrell is from the UK, and he’s been in the affiliate marketing industry since 2008. He has made some outrageous claims in his spiel (he supposedly made a million dollars in 24 hours), but that’s par for the course for the online marketing industry.

The website home page doesn’t offer much information regarding what exactly the Chris Farrell Membership is. It’s just a webpage with a video showing Chris Farrell telling you about how you can improve your online business. To know more, you will have to sign in using your email address. This gives you a “free gift” as a bonus for signing up.

Still, he does offer a reasonably priced educational series of videos to start your training. You get a video for each day of the 3-week course, covering topics that beginners to intermediate users will need to grow their business. These videos come with blueprint guides and manuals too.

Once you’re finished with that, you can get more advanced courses that also use videos and manuals to help you along. These are the Money Making Lab courses which you can take in the next months that follow.

With the Chris Farrell Membership, you can enjoy the support of the Chris Farrell Membership online community, so you can read over various topics and post questions. You can access unlimited lead pages and hosting, but this access will cost you $37 a month. There’s also a “Mentor Me” program for personal support and guidance, but that will cost $997.



  • It offers videos which you’ll find easy to understand.
  • The topics covered are very useful for beginners, and they cover various subjects that you’ll need to grow a successful website.
  • The prices are reasonable, at least at first.
  • There’s an online community that can help give you tips when you have problems and questions.
  • The cancellation process is very easy. This is astonishing, because many marketing membership programs are extremely reluctant to let go of paying members.


  • You won’t find out much until you sign up with your email address.
  • The upsells can get very expensive.
  • Some of the data have not been updated for a while, so they may seem outdated.
  • That “free gift” you receive when you sign up? That’s nothing more than a promotional material for the Chris Farrell Membership.


This is for those who are serious about trying to start an online business. Every step of the website building process is covered, and all you need to do is to follow the instructions. With so many videos covering a wide variety of topics, you’ll get guidance for just about any situation you can encounter.

This is a great video for newbies, as it takes you through the detailed steps on building an actual website. The information offered here can also help those who already have set up websites but are not getting enough profits to justify the effort and time they’ve invested.


So first you get a series of daily videos covering various topics. These will include how to actually start building a website from scratch. Fortunately, you’ll get templates so that you can get started right away

The first set of videos covers topics like:

  • Picking a niche
  • Buying a domain name
  • Getting web hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Building an email marketing list
  • Setting up and using an autoresponder
  • Creating a landing page and the other first few pages
  • Creating quality content for your site
  • Producing and selling your very own online items, such as e-books
  • Using social media to boost your sales

There are a lot of topics tackled, and you have 21 videos in all to begin with. Then you have other video courses:

  • You learn how to detect trends that you can use to find the right niche. This is covered by 5 videos.
  • You can learn the intricacies of Facebook and how you can use it to generate traffic for your main site. Here you have 17 videos.
  • You learn how to adopt the proper “Service” mindset that can lead to profits.
  • You will find out how you can operate your WordPress site.
  • Another course covers organic and paid forms of traffic with 15 videos.

You then can access the Money Making Lab Courses, but only if you’re a member long enough. These can cover topics like making iPhone videos, selling webinars, and using lead pages.


There is a direct phone line you can call up to have your questions answered, but the customer support service is a bit iffy. You’ll have better luck consulting the online Chris Farrell Membership community. However, you have to realize that the community website is a bit disorganized, so searching for the right thread that covers your particular issues may not be all that easy.


It starts with just a week’s membership for only $4.95. As a member, you can access various courses too. You can access the lead pages and get website hosting, for $37 a month. The personalized guidance program will cost you a whopping $997.


This is a good choice for beginners, although the initial videos only cover the basic topics. There are a lot of videos covering a lot of subjects, but they’re all pretty much for beginners. For advanced and intermediate users, the most helpful data will cost extra, however.

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8 thoughts on “Chris Farrell Membership Review”

  1. This sounds very intersting, I seems good but the cliam of 1 million dollars in 24 hours ???. a lot of training and i guess that is a good thing, but as the course advances so does the price. In this day and time where there so so much scams, persons may tend to shy away. But like I said seems good, just have to probbaly do a little more digging before you take the jump. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Norman,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, do a proper research before you jumbing on board. Please read My #1 Recommended Program and see if it’s something for you.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Nam,
    I have heard of the Chris Farrell membership, he is quite well known amongst the Affiliate Marketing world.
    My dream too is to make a million in a day – I’ll let you know when I’ve accomplished it – ha!
    How would you say this rates against Wealthy Affiliate?
    Online marketing is constantly evolving and keeping training up to date is #1 priority on my list as I am fairly new to this kind of role yet it seems their training is a bit outdated somewhat.
    I am happy with Wealthy Affiliate, their training, interactive platform, help and support will take some beating for me.
    Thanks for your review,

    1. Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your comment! If you have Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t really need any other Affiliate Marketing programs.

      Wealthy Affiliate is one of a kind program that offer great values and I’m not intend to leave any time soon.

      All the best,


  3. Nice review The Good & Bad points were highlighted and explained in detail I thought it was a good introduction that clearly defined the skill level appeal for anyone interested in joining but also made clear if you have a higher skill level you will have to pay more for these services.

    1. Hi Joey,

      Thank you for your comment! I hope the information helps you. If you like to enter the online business world, I’ll no doubt in my mind that Wealthy Affiliate is the best program to start with. Please read My #1 Recommend Program.

      All the best,


  4. Hey Nam,
    another great review! I have heard of this program before, but I always saw some red flags whenever I saw the opening presentation. You answered some important questions for me, glad to see it’s not a scam.
    Keep up the good work,

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