CB Passive Income License Review

Overall Ranking: 3/5 stars
Price: $37 + optional $97 one time fee, $37/month or $197/year optional subscription
Owners: Patric Chan
Website: www.cbpassiveincome.com


The Internet is filled with people and programs that promise to make more money for interested individuals willing and able to pay for their products and services. But in many of these cases, the people behind the programs make more money than their customers!

Unfortunately, this is the case with CB Passive Income License Program created, owned and marketed by Patric Chan. Before you think that it’s a scam, it technically isn’t a scam for many reasons.

You will, for example, be provided with a detailed outline of a legitimate technique including the tools and technologies for making money online. Your subscription will also result in two free websites.

But here’s the main thing about it: Patric Chan will actually be making more money from your subscription than you will ever make from its use.

Why? You will not be getting the hoped-for emailing list! You may have the two free websites, as well as information about the effective techniques and tools for making money online, but without the emailing list, you’re left with a nearly-useless program.


To be fair, CB Passive Income License Program provides its users with many benefits including:

  • You will get your own free ready-to-go webpages (i.e., no coding skills required). You also don’t have to worry about the hosting fees. Your main jobs are to promote the link created on the website and monitor the number of visitors and subscribers on it.
  • You also have a free gift, which is already integrated into your close webpages.
  • You have access to the back-end software that tracks your leads and commissions.
  • You can also access the Internet marketing courses, such as YouTube and Facebook marketing, which provides the information for promoting the online business.

Chan promises that every subscriber will have a continual passive income stream. He will research about the products and services to promote, produce the relevant content, and promo the offers, among others.

Your job: Just wait for the notification that your ClickBank checks are ready for pick-up. Your passive income comes from the commission made for each product purchased by the visitors to your webpage.

But when something’s too good to be true, you should be seeing red flags by now. You will soon realize upon closer inspection that CB Passive Income License Program isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be.

According to online reviews from actual users and experts of online marketing programs, its disadvantages include:

  • The hype is just that – hype without the substance. You will find that online marketing programs promising to make wads of cash for their users are a dime a dozen. You will also just as quickly realize that most of these promise everything yet deliver virtually nothing.
  • The passive income isn’t actually passive since hard work is required. You have to spend considerable time, energy and money to build your subscription list – and Chan isn’t putting in a two cents’ work into it either. You will find that building an email list isn’t a walk in the park as Chan says it is using his program.
  • The subscription fee of $47 isn’t your only operating expense. You have to spend money on building your list, promoting the webpages, and marketing the affiliate links, among other tasks. You may even be digging deeper into your pockets to sustain these activities without getting higher profits.
  • The product has little to no value. You can find more in-depth information about the topics discussed in the package in other websites. You will also find that the so-called members’ area contains mediocre training videos, not to mention that you will be encouraged to pay for more training videos to increase your income.

The bottom line: CB Passive Income License Program may not fall into the scam category but you’re better off spending your money on more viable ways to earn money online.


According to Chan, the program is suitable for:

  • Beginners looking for a legitimate home business and/or online passive income
  • Experienced marketers planning to add another online income stream to their existing businesses
  • Internet marketers looking for a proven system for leveraging their online businesses

But as we have shown, the CB Passive Income License Program isn’t what it seems, especially not when it comes to earning passive income.


The training tools are supposedly contained in the e-books and training videos, which include promotion methods. These include video marketing, content marketing, and Facebook marketing, among others.


The program doesn’t offer customer support. You may have a 60-day money back guarantee but it’s provided by Clickbank, not by Chan himself.  You have to deal with the issues on your own, which can be inconvenient for both beginners and veterans.


The regular subscription price for the program is $47, a one-time payment that can also be downloaded for a 2-week trial worth $1. But you have to pay $47 after the 2-week trial period is up.

But it doesn’t stop there either. You will also be encouraged to upsell from the regular version to the Pro Version, which costs $97. You can then access the training videos in the members’ area.

Your payment for the program will likely continue since Chan will offer the Fast Cash Series Membership. If you agree, you will pay $47 per month or $197 per year, one-time payment only. Again, you may avail of the two-week $1 trial period but the regular payments will begin afterwards.

Let’s assume that you purchase all of these offers. Your initial investment of $144 will be followed by either $47 in monthly payments or $197 in a one-time yearly fee. Yes, it’s expensive without the guarantee of earning income.


If you’re looking for a program that will deliver on maximum profits with reasonable investments in time, energy and money, then CB Passive Income License Program isn’t the best program for you. You’re well-advised to look in other directions, such as affiliate marketing.

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2 thoughts on “CB Passive Income License Review”

  1. Hi, I haven’t heard about this company, and I’m convinced not to have anything to do with them.

    I just wonder, (probably me who didn’t quite get what you meant), but, is this program just a way of making it easier to be a ClickBank Affiliate, with some additional training?

    and thanks for the warning!

    1. Hi Odd Helge,

      Thank you for the comment! To answer your question short: no, it’s not a easier program to be a ClickBank Affiliate. You better look into another that is legitimate. Check out My #1 Recommended Program.

      All the best,


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