Amazing Selling Machine Review

The Rise and Fall (and Rebirth) of the Amazing Selling Machine

Overall Ranking: 3/5
Price: $39 a month
Owners: Matt Clark (founder and CEO)

INTRODUCTION is now of the most successful online business education websites and it all started with founder Matt Clark and the wildly popular Amazing Selling Machine. That marketing course became the flagship of what’s now an extensive lineup of business online courses that online marketers need to succeed.

Matt Clark came from a suburb near Houston, and he graduated from the University of Houston in 2009. He moved to Austin and became part of the investment banking division at Citigroup. With this background, you now know that he’s not some two-bit hustler that’s a self-proclaimed guru and genius. He really has the background for business.

After taking the Citigroup job, he then tried to supplement his income by launching his own online business. He started his own website, from which he sold health supplements to his customers.

Clark expanded his business by also selling his products on He then found that selling on Amazon was much more profitable. His revenues from Amazon were much greater than the profits generated by his own site. These weren’t just minor profits. His revenues totaled in the millions of dollars.

His success was noticed by the business industry, and he was even profiled by the Austin Business Journal in November 2015. He then put all his knowledge and experience in creating what became known as the Amazing Selling Machine.

This is the business program that taught and explained in detail how people like you can use to make money too. With your own website, you’re on your own when it came to SEO and ranking on Google search results. But now, you can leverage the popularity, reputation, and high Google rankings of products to make your profits. You’re taught precisely how you can sell your own brands of physical (non-digital and non-downloadable) products on

The course didn’t need any extensive prior experience in online sales, or in any kind of sales for that matter. It catered to the newbies and to the website sellers frustrated by low sales and profits. It was marketed towards the sellers who grew increasingly frustrated in trying to rank highly on Google search results to generate traffic for their websites.

The popularity of the Amazing Selling Machine course was, well, amazing. What was really astonishing is that Clark didn’t go about offering his course on the cheap. The price of ASM was set at about $4,000 although on some occasions it was offered at a discount at #3,500.

Yet despite the price range, the course was wildly popular. Thousands of people were able to use it and to profit from it. Clark then used the profits to build more business courses for what would become the website.

Today, the core Amazing Selling Machine course is no more. For its time it was helpful, but it was a basic introductory course in using for selling items. Now it has been replaced by more than a hundred business courses that offer detailed guidance on a wide variety of online selling and marketing topics.

Even the pricing has changed. In the beginning, all the courses were offered for thousands of dollars each. The most affordable courses would have cost you a minimum of $1,000 and some actually went for almost $5,000.

Today, is focusing on reaching more people. That’s why the pricing has changed to a more manageable monthly fee.



  • The founder and CEO of actually is a real person with a real background in selling online. He knows whereof he speaks!
  • The ASM course is a proven product, and now its replacement courses offer more details and updated information.
  • The price is now much more affordable too. You can become a member for $39 a month.
  • There are plenty of courses to choose from, and they’re all updated for current business conditions.


  • The current conditions keep changing, so you have to maintain your membership to get updates to the courses. A year or two from now, what you’ve learned from a specific course may become irrelevant and outdated.
  • There’s no private coaching.
  • There’s no magic tool or software to make things easy for you. This is an educational website, and you have to be serious about learning.


This ASM ( line of business courses is for newbies and intermediate online sellers who have become frustrated with their failures in ranking highly on Google. This time, you can just piggyback on the reputation, popularity, and smooth-working platform of


The knowledge offered to you by covers a wide range of subjects. Remember, there are more than 100 courses available! Still, the most popular courses cover the following topics

  • You’ll know the basics of how you can sell your items on
  • You’ll discover the concept of “retail arbitrage” on This is when you buy items from a store and then you sell at a profit on
  • You’ll find out about how you can import cheap stuff from China.
  • You’ll be taught how you can target Amazon customers.
  • You’ll know about how to use Facebook for any business.
  • Another course teaches you how to create and market e-books.

There are plenty more courses available.


There’s no real support as of yet. There’s a member community that will come soon, but on the whole you learn on your own without private coaching or hand-holding.


The pricing is simple. First you get to try out the membership for free, although you do have to sign up first. Then unless you cancel your membership, you’re billed $39 a month to continue your membership.


This is a good way to learn how to make money online, but it does emphasize that you’re on your own. There are no shortcuts, and no tools to make things easier for you. There aren’t even any promises that you’re going to succeed. You succeed through your own efforts, and that’s always an iffy proposition.

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