AK Elite Review

Overall Ranking: 3/5
Price: $147 (or $49 x 3 months)
Owners: Brad Callen
Website: http://www.akelite.com/


Selling e-books on Amazon is, indeed, a profitable business for people who know the ins and outs of the business. Studies have even shown that Kindle book sales are on the rise in comparison with physical book sales!

For this reason, many desktop and mobile applications have been introduced into the market. One of these apps is AK Elite, a desktop software designed to provide its users with four major features, namely:

  • Research about the Kindle market
  • Analysis of trends in relation to the competition
  • Check the ranking of published Kindle books
  • Find reviewers for the published e-books

Basically, AK Elite promises to provide the initial boost for putting your published e-books on Kindle on the map, so to speak. You can then leave most of the work in making your works bestsellers on Amazon to the desktop software.


According to its users, AK Elite provides several benefits that live up to the promise made by its creator and owner, Brad Callen. Keep in mind, however, that the theory is a great idea for authors of e-books but the implementation including the results isn’t so great.

  • You have a tool for finding niche topics that you can write about, usually those with high demand, low competition, and high payout. But since your fellow users will also be in on the act, the topics that meet these criteria today will likely not meet them tomorrow.
  • You can use the analysis results in formulating your ranking strategy in relation to your competition. The desktop app analyzes the books in the top ten of your niche and displays the ranking criteria where these books excel in. You will then have a basis for your marketing strategy to outrank them – think of it as search engine optimization for Amazon.
  • You can monitor, too, your e-books’ ranking on the Kindle and Amazon stores. You have a tool to analyze where your books are and what you need to do to promote them.
  • You can find the best people who can review and buy your books. You have to find reviewers to spread the word about your e-books on social media sites, affiliate sites, and shopping sites, among others.

But these benefits are outweighed in many instances by the disadvantages of using AK Elite to earn more money online.

  • You have to pay for $49 a month to use the desktop software. You will be able to find either more affordable desktop/mobile with similar features and functions. Better yet, you can avail of affordable or free affiliate marketing programs, which don’t require the tedious tasks of writing, marketing and selling e-books.
  • You have no guarantee that you can actually make book sales even when using AK Elite. You may be able to outrank the competition by using the right keywords but your books may still not become bestsellers. Your target readers, for example, may not find your e-books more attractive in comparison with your competitors’ works.
  • Your profit book per sale will be too low although this isn’t the fault of the desktop app. You have to factor in your production and publication costs, thus, the low profit per book sold.

You will think that paying $49 a month for a desktop software with little to no guarantee of recouping the costs, much less making sustainable profits, isn’t in your best business interests. You should then consider other more viable sources of earning online income, such as affiliate marketing via a reliable organization.


According to Brad Cullen, AK Elite is suitable for authors of e-books who want to achieve better positioning (i.e., higher ranking) on Amazon and Kindle search results. Hopefully, higher rankings can result in higher book sales although this isn’t a guarantee either.

The desktop app is also suitable for people who want to explore ways to make money online, obviously selling e-books on Amazon, as well as dabbling in their publications. Many users also use it for outsourcing their e-books’ writing tasks.


Aside from the main desktop app, AK Elite also comes with training e-books including video tutorials as bonuses. These training tools provide more information about the best niches for sales, formatting templates, traffic methods, and keyword generation, among others. The users can also get regular emails for updated tips, suggestions and strategies for SEO, Amazon-style.


Brad Cullen apparently provides stellar after-sales support for the users of AK Elite. On the website, however, interested individuals have no hotline number to call, email address to send emails to, or a physical address for mailing purposes.


AK Elite is available for a one-time payment of $147.  You may also choose the installment method – pay $49 now and pay two more monthly payments of $49 ($127 in total). You have the 60-day money-back guarantee to fall back on in case AK Elite doesn’t work as well as expected.

Before you decide to choose this program, I highly recommend you to read my comparison between two of the best Kindle Publishing program online:

K Money Mastery (KMM) VS Self Publish Revolution Comparison


AK Elite is neither a scam nor a useless program. We even like the concept behind it, especially about outranking your competition on the Amazon site. We can even say that its training and support programs are satisfactory for authors of e-books languishing in Kindle hell.

But here’s the thing about AK Elite that makes us hesitant about recommending it: You may or may not be able increase your e-book sales with it. You have to keep in mind that the number of published e-books, many of which are actually free, on Amazon makes the competition even fiercer than before. You cannot take the chance of spending $147 on a program with little to no guarantee of actually increasing your e-book sales and profits.

Fortunately, we have found a better way to make more online income! Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing website that offers dozens of possible companies and their brands, as well as plenty of useful features and functions.

If you’re already an e-book author and you want to continue your niche, you can also use Wealthy Affiliate for your own purposes. For example, you can use the free keyword research tool in analyzing the keywords your target users prefer.

Please leave a comment. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “AK Elite Review”

  1. Very informative and very interesting read (especially for me, a self-published author, with an ebook or Kindle available on Amazon. I definitely fit the mold of someone who gave up as navigating that world (going back a few years) was definitely a challenge.

    As an author, I appreciate this and look forward to reading your additional comparison.


    1. Hi Stacy,

      Yeah, it can be really hard to enter the Kindle Publishing business if you don’t have experince or knowledge about the field.

      I’m glad that you want to read my comparison.

      If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to write to me. I will be happy to help you.

      All the best,


  2. Thanks for sharing, your post is well detail and has a lot of great information. I have started reading on how to create and sell ebooks This seems to be a very great business where monies can be made, the only thing that I have heard is the competition but that should not be a problem, I guess just work and work, sky is the limit. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    1. Hi Norman,

      You can indeed earn passive income from publishing ebooks. I have great experince on this and would also recommend it to everyone who want to start a Kindle Publishing business. Like every business, you have to work for your success. Nothing is for free and definitely not a get rich quick business. How long before you earn money? It took me 3-4 months before I consistenly earn $100 per month. Now I earn more and more, you can read my monthly reports here:

      Monthly Reports

      It’s important to know what to do and not guessing. I recommend everyone to purchase a course that you can follow. But please do proper research before you purchase any programs/courses.

      If you consider to start publsihing ebooks, I highly recommend you to read my comparison two of the best program/course on the internet:

      KMM VS Self Publishing Revolution

      I hope it helps.

      To your success,


  3. I agree with your recommendation for Wealthy affiliate. This is the most comprehensive platform and training that I found myself.
    I’m glad you enlighten us about what and why not to buy expensive products when there is no promises that it will help us in our business.

    1. Hi Gila,

      Thank you for your comment! My mission for this site is to help others to start an online business properly and not falling for empty promises programs out there. I hope my site will reach as many it can and people finds it helpful.

      All the best,


  4. I would think you would have to be a very experienced author to make this work. This is a highly competitive market where Amazon are concerned.
    A lot of work with no guarantees for final results. The platform seems fair and the price is ok if you are experienced but for a newbie to get involved I would imagine this would be a difficult market to make an impact.
    I do agree with your Wealthy Affiliate #1 recommendation however, more suitable for semi and inexperienced bloggers to get involved in and more to the point – Make an income.
    Thanks for your review,

    1. Hi Simon,

      Actually you don’t have to be very experienced to succeed with Kindle Publishing. But you do need proper guidance and training in order to succeed. You can also figure it out by yourself, but I’ll bet you will struggle and may give up the dream.

      I highly recommend you to read about my comparison between two best Kindle Publishing program online, click the link below:

      K Money Mastery (KMM) VS Self Publish Revolution Comparison

      NB: My next monthly update for November will suprise you. Keep an eye on when the post is published.

      To your success,


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